10 Things Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez’s Friendship Has Taught Us


Selena Gomez says the first time she met Taylor Swift, they ended up just sitting and talking for hours. They were insta-BFFs and through bad boyfriends, distance and bringing other…

5 Reasons Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez Will Never Be Close Again

It’s always sad to see a tight friendship fall apart, but as we travel down our own life paths, not everyone who we meet along the way will stick by your side forever. In the case of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, the two were as close as best friends can be. They broke into… More »

10 Red Flags You’re In A Toxic Friendship

When you’re in a romantic relationship, it’s pretty easy to tell when things are going south. There’s fights, distance, and resentment. You can complain to your friends, and it’s fairly easy to cut off a significant other and move on. However, when it comes to a friendship, the waters get murky and it’s not always… More »

9 Signs Your Ex’s Friend Is Crushing On You

Break ups are never easy, especially when you’ve bonded with their BFFs. Being single again suddenly draws invisible lines you aren’t sure you’re supposed to cross, like staying friends with you’re ex’s buddies. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but if you do end up grabbing coffee and chilling with your ex’s BFFs, be careful… More »

Jeffree Star Fires Back At Kat Von D On Twitter To Set The Rumor Record Straight

Yesterday was a whirlwind with news of Kat Von D publicly ending her friendship with Jeffree Star. The make-up mogul/reality star/tattoo master not only posted the news to Facebook and Twitter, but also dropped a personal video to explain her decision to disassociate herself from Jeffree and his brand. Jeffree responded with a promise to… More »

Iā€™m back!!!! Happy New Year, Buzznet!

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

It’s been a while since I logged in here but I’ve went through a lot of things in the last couple of months, I was really busy and I…

Talks, Laughs And Gifts With A Great Friend

Hello Buzzneters,

I hope you are fine šŸ™‚ The weather here in my city is really hot and I spend almost every afternoon at the pool here in my residence so…

What Christina Perri’s New Music Video “Human” Means To Me

“I can turn it on

Be a good machine

I can hold the weight of worlds

If that’s what you need

Be your everything”

-Christina Perri-

It is in…

Sneak Peek: Dani Vitale And Danny Kurily Team Up For New Series!

[kaltura id=0_yi4skdyg autoplay=0 type=single]

Our Buzzmakers Dani Vitale & Danny Kurily have teamed up to bring to you a take on Modern Dating in a new video series here on…

Thought Blog: Hi_____, Thanks For Showing Up Again

We all have that person who comes in and out of our lives like magic. They send you a text, email, tweet, a “Hey miss you”. They show up when you have almost forgotten about…

Celebrate Jalextine’s Day!

Here at Buzznet we adore all of the boys in ATL; it must be amazing to tour the world playing music with your best buds. However in the spirit of love this week we wanted to call out one of our favorite bromances of all — Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat of All Time Low…. More »

What I Love…

Ok, I reminded to have an amazing pic I shot a while ago and I thought to use it for this little V-Day project. I know it can sound banal and obvious, but I completely love music, it’s something I can’t describe with real words, probably only who feels the same or very similar can… More »




Reblogged from ambertheshysweetheart

Happy birthday, love!!!! You mean soooo much to me. You are such…

My Favorite Friendship Bracelets!

I’ve lived in many different cities, and have a good group of friends that live in cities all over the world. Sometimes I get really lonely and insecure in LA all by myself, I love swoon, but I’ve always had close friends in every city and LA is so spread out and hard to get… More »

Day 156: Happy 3rd Buzziversary To Me!!!

Oh Lordy, I was really really worried since I couldn’t enter here and I really don’t know why but the page said me it was not aviable and overloaded! I was like: OMG! It can’t…

Exclusive: Christofer Drew Spills On Bamboozle & Friendship

This year’s Bamboozle was three days filled with live music and getting to sit down with some of the artists who graced the stage. I was fortunate enough to sit down…

Photo Gallery: In Milan Between Music, Art & Meetings

This is a little gallery with a few of the pics my daddy shot when we have been in Milan in the last three days… There’s also are some pics by me about what I got during Nightwish concert and in the first day of shopping šŸ˜‰

Photo Gallery: In Milan Between Music, Art & Meetings

This is a little gallery with a few of the pics my daddy shot when we have been in Milan in the last three days… There’s also are some pics by me about what I got during Nightwish concert and in the first day of shopping šŸ˜‰

Team Courtney Galiano Raises Over $20,000 For The Multiple Sclerosis Walk!

Congrats to my friend Courtney Galiano, and her amazing team of friends and family who came out to support her during her first MS walk this weekend. Together we raised over $20,000, ate 4 dozen bagels, and completed the very grueling warm-up from the guy in the referee shirt. Courtney is no stranger to the… More »

An EXCLUSIVE Look Inside My Journal

It’s the end of the month, a shiny new month is right around the corner. I’ve been reflecting and writing a ton and doing some cleaning too. While I was cleaning out my book shelf I found my stack of old journals. I have a bunch. I work journals a little differently than a normal… More »

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