The power of nature

I don’t know if everyone of you, have read one of my old blogs where I wrote my passion for magic and for wicca, I desire to make discover to everyone who doesn’t know a lot about this world, something more and maybe open the mind about a really really critcized world for centuries and shown like an evil world dedicated to black magic and something like that. Nothing of more wrong!

Wicca is based on nature and the power of nature. In the rituals you used all the elements of the nature, herbs, stones, oils ect… Everything is a gift of the Mother Earth, and we must be proud and glad to can use them and always thank her.

Everything is used only for good intention, not for the evil. This is so important! It said also in the Wiccan Rede: “Mind the Three-fold Laws you should three times bad and three times good

To be concentrated, to be strong, to be purified and have a interior balance most powerful, believe in what you do, believe in Nature and in her gifts, it’s another important rules.

I’m studying Wicca for years, and every day I discover something new. It’s important practise it properly. If you ask something to Mother Earth, she gives something back to you!

Wicca recieves every person, you can believe in God and practise Wicca, because Wiccan believes in a God and in a Goddess, it’s a fantastic culture, it mustn’t be scorned it!

In next blogs, I’ll explain other facts about Wicca, I hope that I opened a little bit the mind to people who looked in a bad eye this world

Blessed be