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Happy Birthday Mimi K!

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Hey Buzznetter’s!

If you haven’t…

Mimi K’s Fall GIF Challenge

It’s unbelievable how time flies and we already are in Fall season

Yes, I am!

Also this 2013 is going to end BUT…

Mimi K’s All Star Month Blog – German Music

I thought to write a new blog about “All Star Month” since I felt inspired.

This time I chose to talk about German music, in particular about…

Follow Me ;P

Just a little blog about all my accounts around the web, if you wanna join and follow me (if you didn’t do it yet) I would be really glad to add you in…

Just A Week And Then I’m 21!

I know I haven’t been so much here in those two days and in general in this last period, and I know I could be a little bit boring about the fact I always repeat the same stuff in my last update posts.. but I really feel the need to do it! Lately I’m a… More »

Oct 3rd, 2011 – Britney Live In Zurich, CH // A Dream Came True… Literally

Hello guys,

finally I come back home and I can tell you everything about those last special days, if someone of you already don’t know where I’ve been, well, I was in…

Ready To Go!

So, almost everything is ready for tomorrow.

I really can’t wait! I’m counting the hours, tomorrow at 6:30am I take the train for Milan and then I have another one to take for Zurich,…

New Rings

I always have problem to find the perfect ring because my fingers are so tight But today there were a lot of kiosks in my city about a lot of stuff and there were a lot of them also about accessories, I found those two fabolous handmade vintage rings I really love them! Which kind… More »

Project.Inspire.21 #8 featuring Irene

Thank you Yong Yi for to have chosen another quote of mine!

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I Love My New Pair Of Shoes

This morning I was at the mall with my lovely mommy, I really have need to go out and keep my mind out of bad and lonely thoughts… so I was searching a new pair of shoes, also for the winter, for a while and today it’s been the occasion to find them! They are… More »

Vlog #3 – Kat, you are totally crazy! Thanks so much!

Today I recieved the envelope of my sweet friend Kat, and I still speechless about what I found inside: her Britney’s tour books from Oops! I did it again and The Onyx Hotel Tour! She sent them to me because she knows how much I love Britney, she’s totally crazy! Thank you so much Kat… More »

Eeyore & I

This morning I was at the mall with my mom and there are a lot of grabber machines, in a one there are a lot of Winnie The Pooh characters. Months ago I got Winnie The Pooh with the bathrobe, now it’s time of Eeyore! It’s so cuteeeeeeeeeee!!! *w*

Project.Inspire.21 #1 featuring Irene

Thank You Yong Yi, you are the best!

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“Everyone knows me, but not all know exactly who…

Ready For Holidays!

Hi Buzznet,

those last days have been really really chaotic, mainly for two reasons: the first because I did my last two exams, and until September I have no intention to listen about exams… I’m so…

Tom Kaulitz Press Conference @ MUZ AWARDS Portrait

I really love draw and paint, Ive been in an art institute when I went in high school and portraits always have been my passion. When I took Tokio Hotels photos @ MUZ AWARDS I fell in love with this Toms photo and I decided to do a portrait and for the occasion I recorded… More »

I’m in love and it’s all because of you

I really love drawing, especially in manga style where I can create sweet scenes with Bill and me, this is my new one. I hope you like it! xo

Fluffy Carrot

Today I was for the whole day at IKEA for house shop with my parents… we bought a new table for the living room and new chairs. and take a look for a new dresser for their bedroom and bought other stuff and I couldn’t resist when I saw this cute carrot xp it’s really… More »

Vlog #2 – Thank you so much Kat!

I never imagined to find a special friend also on Buzznet, but it’s happened, and I’m really really glad about it! Thank you so much Kat, for everything, love you so much xoxo

Friends will be Friends

Finally my best friend Antonella sent me some old pics of us. We shot them during my last visit to her in December, we had a lot of fun and those are a couple of photos. I really miss her, I hope to can meet her soon!

What I wore yesterday (April 16, 2011)

Yesterday evening I’ve been to my parents’ friends for dinner and we stayed there until midnight, we had a lot of fun and I played also with their dog, Peggy. She’s such adorable, and she’s…

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