irene kaulitz

I love my new tights

I’ll miss you!!!

Almost all ready for tomorrow I come back soon, promise 😉 xo


Pucca & Hello Kitty are two characters I love so much for years New pics of me soon xo

Get Ready For 20!

This afternoon I’ve been at hair salon for a hair set, among a couple of hours (Italian hours) it will be the 7th, my b-day! I can’t wait! I think it will be a cool day! Love you guys xoxo

The power of nature

I don’t know if everyone of you, have read one of my old blogs where I wrote my passion for magic and for wicca, I desire to make discover to everyone who doesn’t know a…

My winter must: Ear Hats

I’m completly addicted to this kind of hats, absolutly a must for my winter!!! I need them!!!

Anyone loves them like me?


Tally Weijl Xmas Collection

This afternoon, when I finished at the hair salon, I passed in front of a shop window of Tally Weijl store, and I stayed fascinated by this dress, from the new Xmas collection! I must buy it, absolutly!!! and the shoes are awesome too! For more stuff: // xx

It’s been a very busy day…

Hello Buzznet,

today it’s been a really really busy day!

Wake up @ 10am, I haven’t university today, so I could sleep a little bit more, I needed it, even though I didn’t sleep so well, btw……

Dear angel… – I need you to survive #2

November 28th, 2010

Dear angel,

I’m so sad for what happened 2 days ago, I hope you are better, I don’t understand why people is so stupid!…

Dear angel… – Soulmates never die #1

November 26th, 2010

Dear my little angel,

I miss you! Well, everytime I write you, I tell these words, I know, I’m boring, but this is the…

Airplanes – B.o.B. ft. Hayley Williams

One of my fav songs of this 2010, Hayley Williams is perfect with the voice of B.o.B., a hip hop ballad, a mix of sounds that I loved since the first listen of the song. [Chorus Hayley Williams] Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars I could really use… More »

20 days to 20 years

Time is nearly here to my b-day, less 17 days and I’ll turn on 20!

Oh my Gosh! I’m really old, it seems yesterday that I went to the high school or did some…

Hello Kitty Socks

Love them xp

Just me

Hello Kitty Xmas Time

This afternoon I hang out w/ my parents around the city for some Xmas shopping and other stuff, we enjoyed a lot, the city starts to be bright from Xmas lights and there are some…

I feel immortal – Tarja

Whenever I wake up I’m lost and always afraid It’s never the same place I close my eyes to escape The walls around me And I drift away Inside the silence Overtakes the Pain In my dreams I feel Immortal I am not scared No, I am not scared I feel immortal When I am… More »

Seal’s slippers

I couldn’t resist to buy them!!! xxoo


Just finished to cook them!!! so delicious!!! XP

Japanese Inspiration: Olivia Lufkin

Second blog about my Japanese inspiration, it’s the time of Olivia Lufkin, the voice of Reira in anime NANA, and the singer of the ending credits of the anime. I love her for her purity…

Vanitas, the new fragrance by Versace

Will be released in November, the new fragrance of Versace, it’s called Vanitas, for which Americans seems to be already mad even though, in USA, will be released only in 2012.

The Eau de Parfum is…

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