Previews: “I Knew You” & “White Lilies”

Hey friends, today I want to show you my new lyrics, ok a little preview. Please tell me what do you think about “I Knew You” & “White Lilies”?

Half-Drag Project!

Wonderful, incredible and unique are the best words to describe “Half-Drag” project by Leland BobbéHe shared with us “the hidden side of burlesque transvestites

Thought Blog: Women In The Industry

Yesterday, I read something so relatable and hard hitting that I felt a stronger-than-usual obligation to continue on about this subject. Lauren Mayberry of a fabulous project called CRVRCHES

Bad-Ass Ladies To Celebrate on International Women’s Day

As you may have seen on the Google homepage today, it’s International Women’s Day! As I think we all know, it’s the ladies who make-a-da-world go round so let’s take a look at some of the boss females who have gotten us to this point. Who run the world? GIRLS. I couldn’t include EVERYONE, did… More »

Power of Art: Utopia Tattoo for Shriners Kids

Tattoos can be such beautiful art that doubles as personal forms of self-expression like no other medium. I love unique tattoos and their infinite possibilities, although I can never make up my mind and personally stick to henna for now. Tatted or not, I hope you will make a trip to Utopia Tattoo soon –… More »

If Life is Like a Movie…

Me and my best friend went out for a drive and on our way visited our other friend who works at a crappy bar in the Valley. She seemed really over her job and as…

Highlights of Nikita Episode “Power”

Okay ladies and gents, tonight’s episode probably had to be ONE of the BEST episodes of Nikita ever! It was just so amazing, I seriously have no words. All I have to say is that…


We had our power back for 12 hours but when it came back there was a wire on my neighbors lawn. It is a wire that powers most of my neighborhood I think they said 15,000 volts !!! It came on 2 am monday morning and was Arching all night while being guarded by the… More »

March 8th – Woman’s Day

Best wishes to all the women of the world.

Remember this day as social, political, economic women’s conquests, to the discriminations and abuses which they are continuing…

The power of nature

I don’t know if everyone of you, have read one of my old blogs where I wrote my passion for magic and for wicca, I desire to make discover to everyone who doesn’t know a…

To tell the truth…

…I don’t like the mask much, either.It’s not a good fit.  It’s uncomfortable.  My face can’t feel the sun.  Power of sun have I over thee.  Power of moon have I over thee.  But  I…

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