Japanese Inspiration: Mika Nakashima

Third of my blogs dedicated to Japanese world.

Mika Nakashima (Hioki, February 19th, 1983) is a famous Japanese singer, actress and model. I loved her since I watched for the first time NANA movie based on the famous manga of Ai Yazawa.

I love how she is completly the same person of Nana in the manga, I can’t believe the director found a girl so seemed to the character (and also for all the cast)

From punk girl to kimono girl, she’s keep always her pureness and simplicity.

Her voice is so particular, I love Japanese songs, they have a fascinated melody that create a sorta of quiet when you listen them

I advice everyone to listen about her “Glamorous Sky” and “Hitoiro” from “NANA” and “NANA 2”