I can’t believe you’re human – Wylona Hayashi

Moon Babies, meet Wylona Hayashi! She’s the chameleon of a model from Japan that can transform herself into anyone from a dangerous femme fatale to an innocent Lolita. The crazy thing is that her different characters look so dissimilar you really can’t even tell it’s the same person. I love how she has fun with… More »

I Can’t Believe You’re Human – Minori

MoonBabies, I wanna introduce you to a very special creature who I can’t believe is human – a Japanese shironuri artist, Minori. “Shironuri” (白塗り) literally means “painted in white” and this little girl (or is she?) is one of the most notable self-transformers on the streets of Tokyo. Minori cites European vintage fashion and nature… More »

This Man Is The Human Matrix And Defies Gravity!

HOLY COW! I am BLOWN away by this video…

I just came across this not even 30 minutes…

Grimes Goes Kawaii At Chanel

I’m kinda going crazy over Grimes new Japanese inspired look at Chanel! I may have to take some inspiration from this for some of my own Fashion Week outfits! LOVE OR LOATHE?

I Can’t Believe You’re A Human Pt 12!

I can’t believe you’re human – Valeria Lukyanova I am so fascinated by Ukrainian living doll, Valeria Lukyanova, who uses plastic surgery and cosmetics to literally become Barbie. Valeria has big, glassy eyes, long blonde hair, an ample bosom and a tiny carved waist. She describes herself as the most famous Russian woman on the… More »

Soo Joo Caterina Gatta Fall 2012

Soo Joo  Caterina Gatta Fall 2012

Japanese Sunday Lunch & Shopping

This half day just spent has been simply amazing. I had lunch at Japanese restaurant with my parents and then I went at the mall for a bit of shopping since yesterday sales just started. Check out my gallery and see what we ate and we bought! 😉

Fantastic or Freaky?

Ganguro literally means “black face,” in Japanese and has been a trend in Japanese street fashion for over 20 years now, peaking around the millennium. The staples of this look are extremely tanned skin, bleached or silver hair and heavy white make up. Some believe that it was inspired by 90’s American pop star/bimbo look… More »

Kawaii Nails

I’ve been seeing Kawaii nails everywhere, and only recently fell in love with them. See for yourself, here are some of my favorites!

If you’re interested in purchasing some, please…

14 Gnarly Recycled Skateboard Sculptures

Japanese wood sculptor Haroshi created amazing wooden sculptures out of old, broken skateboard decks. He creates multicolored sculptures that end up looking like wooden mosaics. All the pieces are coated with high gloss that gives it this really great look. Haroshi also has a long-term passion for skateboarding, so he puts a broken metal skateboard… More »

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 TURN’A JAPANESE’A!!!

Me and Nikki went to a Japanese photo-booth and spent hours taking photos and wasting money. Seriously though, it was worth it. So much fun, you should all go try it.

A Tribute to Japan

With all of the madness going on in Japan, we felt compelled to create a gallery paying homage to this magnificent country and ancient culture. So, we created a gallery of all the beautiful and important creations Japan has given the world and that inspire us everyday, whether we realize it or not. Has anything… More »

DIY Prada Inspired Fur Wrap

Shoes: Lita, Wrap: DIY Prada inspired, Dress: Lazy Bones, Bag: Ozzy & Deena, Hat: Vintage

Little Tokyo my home away from home. Had a…

Street Style: South Korea’s Got Seoul

If there is one thing you guys probably know about me it is probably that I love fashion!

I particularly adore “Asian fashion”.
(Possibly because I am half Asian? Tehehe)

Japanese Fashion at FIT.

The “Japan Fashion Now” exhibit at the FIT Museum looks amazing!  The main gallery is set up to resemble the Tokyo cityscape filled with awesome Japanese street fashion looks.  If you are in New York, I’d…

Japanese Inspiration – Harajuku Girls

Fourth blog dedicated to Japan world.

Well, the title and the pics say everything! I completly love this style and these girls, they are completly original and mix a lot of styles together to be unique…

Party time!

Finally it’s arrived! I’m 20 right now!

Today my friend Alice (fairy88, add her! ;D) came to me for celebrate together.

She took for me 2 dvds of Nightwish that i love so much, we watched them…

Japanese Inspiration: Mika Nakashima

Third of my blogs dedicated to Japanese world.

Mika Nakashima (Hioki, February 19th, 1983) is a famous Japanese singer, actress and model. I loved her since I watched for the first time NANA movie based on…

“A little pain” – OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST)

Travel to the moon Kimi wa nemuri, yume wo toku Dare mo inai, hoshi no hikari Ayatsuri nagara Tsuyoku naru tame, Wasureta egao Kitto futari nara, torimodosu Kidzuite I’m here waiting for you Ima to wa chigau mirai ga atte mo I’m here waiting for you Sakebi tsudzukete Kitto kokoro wa, Tsunagu ito wo tagutteru… More »

It Came From Japan – Visual Awesome

When I think Japan, I think of robot teachers and green tea. I also think of vending machines that sell beer but we will leave my vices out of this. Japan always seems

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