Japanese Songs Playlist

I’m in the mood of posting playlists so here I am with a new one all dedicated to my favorite Japanese songs.

Most of all already knows my passion for Japanese culture…

5 Reasons Why You Should Love NANA

Well, I think all of you already know my love for this manga by Ai Yazawa. NANA talks about two girls with the same name (Nana) and the same age which meet by chance on a train toward Tokyo. Both want to start a new life in the city, one (Nana Osaki) wants to become… More »

I’m in love and it’s all because of you

I really love drawing, especially in manga style where I can create sweet scenes with Bill and me, this is my new one. I hope you like it! xo

I love rock’n’roll

Japanese Inspiration: Mika Nakashima

Third of my blogs dedicated to Japanese world.

Mika Nakashima (Hioki, February 19th, 1983) is a famous Japanese singer, actress and model. I loved her since I watched for the first time NANA movie based on…

“A little pain” – OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST)

Travel to the moon Kimi wa nemuri, yume wo toku Dare mo inai, hoshi no hikari Ayatsuri nagara Tsuyoku naru tame, Wasureta egao Kitto futari nara, torimodosu Kidzuite I’m here waiting for you Ima to wa chigau mirai ga atte mo I’m here waiting for you Sakebi tsudzukete Kitto kokoro wa, Tsunagu ito wo tagutteru… More »

Japanese Inspiration: Olivia Lufkin

Second blog about my Japanese inspiration, it’s the time of Olivia Lufkin, the voice of Reira in anime NANA, and the singer of the ending credits of the anime. I love her for her purity…


When I was darkness at that time fureteru kuchibiru heya no katasumi de I cry mogakeba mogaku hodo tsukisasaru kono kizu yaburareta yakusoku hurt me Nobody can save me kamisama hitotsu dake tomete saku you na my love *I need your love. I’m a broken rose maichiru kanashimi your song ibasho nai kodoku na my… More »

Japanese Inspiration: Anna Tsuchiya

I think everyone of you know how much I love Japanese culture, well if someone doesn’t know yet, here is the first of a series of blogs dedicated to Japanese world.  I wanna start with…

My top 5 – Stylists

I don’t know if everyone knows it, but in high school I went at an Arts’ Institute, and I studied fashion… Even though I am not a fashion victim, because I haven’t a lot of…

Planning the week

I’m back!!!! In those last days I stayed with my friend Alice, she came to me and passed a couple of days together… we planned for a concert of an Italian singer, but the team…

When I think of you…

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