The time goes by….

It’s passed a lot from the last time I wrote here… but i had a lot of problems in this last month: problems with my pc… only today i had it back; problems with myself and the people around me who doesn’t understand or listen me; problems with my blackberry, now it’s all ok and i have it again (i feel me lost without my blackberry curve **); then I started the university, and this one take me a lot of my free time… so here I am again…

I missed you guys!!! Over all Hanna, Audrey and Marina!

So, if anyone of you want to ask me everything about me, the university, ect. or talk me how did you spend this last month, i would be really happy 😉

Tomorrow is the b-day of my friend Celine, unluckily I can’t be with her because she lives in Tucson and I live in Italy but i will be there with my heart, I sent to her a package with a lot of gifts for her

I would leave to you some pics I found during those years on the web, I hope you like them

this girl is Olivia Lufkin, one of my fav Japanese singer, she plays the role of Reira in the anime of Nana (of course while Reira sings)

another Japanese singer I love, Anna Tsuchiya, she plays the role of Nana Osaki in the anime NANA