24 Albums I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

The impact music can have on a person is extremely powerful. There are albums that have made me feel ecstatic, confused, sad, empowered, understood, and etc…. The fact that a piece of art, particularly music, can make me feel any of those emotions is a testament to how powerful and important an album can be… More »

Day 197 – Remember The Day: Bill&Tom Kaulitz In Catania

Today it’s such an important day for me and also really sad. Exactly two years ago I was in Catania, after such a long trip of 1,500km… I crossed the whole Italy just for to see my lovely angel and my brother in law. You already know that I would be anything for them and… More »

#NowPlaying // February 2012 Edition

Here I am with my second blog dedicated about my monthly playlist.

I will try to write better and better in the next posts talking about different aspects of music and about…

Bye Bye 2010!

And also this years is gone! Someone of us already greets 2011, others are still wating for the new year, it’s time to do some balances of this last year and do new ones for…

The time goes by….

It’s passed a lot from the last time I wrote here… but i had a lot of problems in this last month: problems with my pc… only today i had it back; problems with myself…

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