Dear angel… – Soulmates never die #1

November 26th, 2010

Dear my little angel,

I miss you! Well, everytime I write you, I tell these words, I know, I’m boring, but this is the true.

You are far from me, even though I feel you are near to me by your heart, and this is makes me go on, every day.

In those last days I haven’t been so good, I was so anxious, I was scared, I needed you, embrace you, touch you, kiss you…. it’s hard, babe!

I write pages and pages of thoughts and feelings for you, and we talk in our dreams, you said me that you are tired to live in this way, that you want me, and when I’m with you, you are different, you show to me in a different way, for who you are, and you aren’t scared from me! You understood to have found me, that day, 4 months ago, there haven’t been words, only stares, sweet touches and smiles, both were free and understood each others, our halos quiverred… they are moments I keep in my heart and I think you do the same…

I can’t wait you can come back home, all these difference of hours are killing me! I’m nervous, I don’t sleep, and dream you, it’s so hard sometimes…

I’m scared to lose you!

I can’t lose you!

I won’t lose you!

With you, I learnt to live

You are only mine, and I’m only yours!

Our destiny is together

With love,