Animal-Friendly Celebrities

When I became a vegan, I couldn’t think how many famous people support this lifestyle. Some of them are full vegan, someone just doesn’t wear clothes made of animals. But they both deserve credit, as each of them makes the world a little better.

The Placebo Project – El Rich & SappySuperUnknown10’s Placebo Playlist

Many weeks ago, SappySuperUnknown10 posted this AMAZING photo:

It was entitled “Sleeping With Ghosts,” which is the name of a song and album by Placebo. If you don’t know the joy that is…

Dear angel… – Soulmates never die #1

November 26th, 2010

Dear my little angel,

I miss you! Well, everytime I write you, I tell these words, I know, I’m boring, but this is the…

Ron Sings.

“Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush – Acapella, Kerli Version TONS of bands/singers have covered this. I decided that I should, tooooo.

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