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Potential “The Hills” Chuck Taylor Impresses Critics

Oh hey Converse. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about how much I admire your ability to stay classic in the face of an increasingly classless world. You are a slave to…

Obvious Observation: Audrina Patridge In Search of Her Dignity

Photos: Or is she trying to hide from it? More photos of Audrina Partridge arriving at her home are after the jump. from

Audrina’s Lips Sealed on V Day

Filed under: Star TMZ caught L.C.’s hanger-on, Audrina Patridge, alone on Valentine’s Eve in Hollywood — offering “no comment” about her press-possessed co-stars, Heidi and Spencer. John Mayer flies into Katsuya, where he let loose with some TMZers. In NYC: Mariah… Read more from

Audrina’s Ignorant to the Internets

Filed under: Wacky and Weird, The L.C.’s sidekick, Audrina Patridge, has been making a name for herself on TMZ lately — but she wouldn’t know it — girl doesn’t have Internet!TMZ caught the “Hills” cutie outside of Il Tramezzino on Friday night with boyfriend/slacker Justin-Bobby…. Read more from

The Hills have music.

Thanks to Audrina Partridge, anyway. Let’s be honest, she doesn’t get much credit. She’s the soft-spoken, smiley-faced token brunette on The Hills.

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The Fugs

Of all the girls on The Hills — Relateable-Girl-With-TERRIBLE-Taste-in-Dudes Lauren, Spencer-Lover and-Bad-Idea-Jeans-Wearer Heidi, Tall-Quiet-Seemingly-Very-Well-Adjusted Whitney — Audrina is the least well-characterized. We saw more of her last season (and since she’s living with Lauren now, we’re probably going to see… from

The Hills: Almost Alive

Monday, August 13th at 10:00 PM ET/PT! The best worst TV is BACK!

Let’s go get the gossip going in The…

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