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The 5 Most Defining Scenes Of The Hills

It’s crazy to think that MTV’s The Hills happened over a decade ago! From crazy club fights to boy problems to everything in between, there was no shortage of juicy drama on MTV’s hottest reality show. We rounded up 5 of The Hills‘ most defining scenes for you to relive. Do you miss it at… More »

Flow Chart: Proof That 99% of Reality TV Started With The Hills

I watch a ton of reality TV, and have realized that there is a LOT of crossover between shows. The Hills gives me Brody Jenner who appears on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Kim was on Dancing with Stars (you get the point). Enjoy this trip down TV memory lane, and let me know… More »

Catching Up With Whitney Port & Chance to Win Autographed Copies of Her New Book!

I’ve always thought Whitney Port seemed incredibly sweet, has a great sense of style and is a talented designer herself. She’s been a great inspiration to all kinds of girls and I was excited to sit down with her to talk about her new book and some of the things she’s learned over the past… More »

Potential “The Hills” Chuck Taylor Impresses Critics

Oh hey Converse. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about how much I admire your ability to stay classic in the face of an increasingly classless world. You are a slave to…

Are You Watching “My Life As Liz”?

MTV premiered a new NON-reality show (gasp!) on January 18th, called My Life as Liz. The various voices of internet opinion are crying out that it’s a direct Juno rip-off minus the pregnancy. [cut=Let’s discuss…]


Lauren Conrad’s “L.A. Candy” To Become A Movie

My oh my, hasn’t Lauren Conrad come a long way since rivaling K-Cav in her hometown of Laguna Beach? You know her best as the central (and perhaps most well-liked) blond on MTV’s The Hills,…

Return of “The Hills”: Season 5

Tonight marks the return of MTV’s “reality” show, The Hills. It’s season 5, and the drama is as fresh as ever. I mean, I think it is. I stopped watching somewhere around the era of

Tom Cruise Gives Heidi and Spencer Marriage Advice: World Asks “Why?”

So, since their elopement, pseudolebrities Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have probably been getting marriage advice from the far more famous people they tend to hang out with.  And…

MTV LayOffs Prove They Don’t Need Music Anymore

While America is setting up for a major change come January of 2009, right now we’re still living in the troubling reality of the Bush Administration and are still majorly suffering from the entire government’s

F’n MTV commercial

Uniting Pete Wentz, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and music videos. ‘Bout time, MTV.

The Hills new season trailer

Lauren Conrad’s new digs

So, I guess reality TV pays, eh? Dear ‘ol LC moved into her new pad recently…

Lauren Conrad visits her new $2.5 million Hollywood home…

Heidi Montag: ready to get ‘Higher’


Guess who’s releasing a digital-only single soon?

MTV’s The Hills star Heidi Montag will be a guest on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel…

Lauren Conrad’s best looks of 2007

‘Hills’ girl and aspiring fashion designer Lauren Conrad and her 10 best looks of the year!

The Hills: more fakery

Is fakery a word? I don’t know, but I sure like it.

LC and Heidi Montag play enemies on “The Hills,” but…

Caption this: Heidi & Spencer @ Taco Bell

Ok, ok, the real caption is “Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt join Taco Bell to raise awareness in support of World Hunger Relief Week” but I’m SURE…

Tuesday Buzz 9/18

Brad Pitt in V Magazine. Hott. (Pop Bytes)

LOL-worthy Hills recap from IBBB.

Angelina Jolie quote of the day. (Snagwire)

Is your bf/gf good for you? (Galadarling)

Kanye <a…

Lauren Conrad’s line + Heidi’s Birthday

Saturday, ‘The Hills’ Lauren Conrad debuted her line of laid-back day-to-night wear online. You can check them out here.


  • Is the fact that the site model is a…

Spencer Pratt: Future Governer of California?

You know, I’m a california girl through and through– I want to travel the world, but I really have no desire to call any other place my home. Until I read the following <span style="font-weight:…

Marc Jacobs picks Lauren Conrad

Remember when I interviewed Lauren Conrad (The Hills) and she said Marc Jacobs was one of her favorite designers? No? Well, she did— so now just how stoked…

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