New My Chemical Romance Song Available for Pre-Order on Vinyl

It looks like as much as My Chemical Romance fans can’t wait to get their hands on some new music, those boys from Jersey (and Chicago) can’t wait to get new music to us as well. Because it looks like we’ll be getting a new song a little earlier than originally planned.

Kerrang and Buzznet had both reported that the limited edition vinyl picture disc of My Chemical Romance’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row” would not be released until February 9th. However, according to a new blog entry on My Chem’s official site, you can now preorder the vinyl, which should arrive on or around January 27th, more than a week earlier than we had been previously promised!

We already know that “Desolation Row” will play a major role close to the end of the film. So it’s fitting that the B-side for the release is “Prison Fight” an instrumental piece by Tyler Bates. For those of you who haven’t read the Watchmen graphic novel (and I truly, truly suggest you do if you haven’t already. It’s fairly easy to get your hands on these days because of the upcoming film and is an amazing story), one of the bigger action sequences involves a prison break-out that turns into a major fight.

And don’t forget, My Chemical Romance has filmed a video for Desolation Row! No word on when it’ll premier, but until then you can check out some awesome pictures of the gang on My Chemical Freak!

How awesome is all of this? Oh, and out of pure curiousity, how many of you have read Watchmen already?