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We Remember The Lyrics: My Chemical Romance

Ever since the recent break-up of My Chemical Romance we can’t help but reminisce on the band’s amazing success over the years. Since 2001, MCR has been making music leaving us with some pretty incredible albums. In a recent interview lead singer Gerard Way stated “My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die.”… More »

Former MCR Drummer Mike Pedicone Issues Statement on His Firing: ‘It Was a Tremendous Mistake’

Word broke last week that Mike Pedicone, the drummer from My Chemical Romance, had been fired from the band.  Frank Iero, MCR’s rhythm guitarist, informed fans that Pedicone had been caught stealing from the…

My Chemical Romance and Bob Bryar Part Ways

Fans haven’t heard much from My Chemical Romance since they announced that they were cancelling several tour dates due to lead singer Gerard Way’s throat problems.  And now we have another

My Chemical Romance Isn’t Into “Twilight”

News broke awhile back that My Chemical Romance, despite supposedly being a huge influence on Stephenie Meyer’s writing, would NOT be appearing on the soundtrack for New Moon.  And now, they’ve

Bob Bryar Needs Your Help

Okay, so maybe you won’t be able to help out My Chemical Romance with their next album by singing on it (like Buzznet’s own Mark is going to be on

Gerard Way Predicts Rain, Confirms that MCR Is In the Studio

Gerard Way has given us positive confirmation that My Chemical Romance is back in the studio to work on their long-awaited album.  And they were greeted in LA

My Chemical Romance Release “Desolation Row” Video

The guys from My Chemical Romance are all dedicated musicians and performers who put out amazing albums and provide great shows and opportunities for their fans.

They’re also all really, really ridiculously good

My Chemical Romance’s “Desolation Row” Video Out Friday, Sneak a Peek Now!

Yesterday we got a chance to listen to the new My Chemical Romance song, a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row” which the band has recorded for the upcoming <span style="font-style:

Check Out the My Chemical Romance Cover of “Desolation Row”

After months of waiting, rumors and baited breath, it’s finally here: My Chemical Romance has released their cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row.”

You know how it

Preview MCR’s Cover of Desolation Row

The moment is nearly upon us!  Pretty soon we’ll be hearing the finished version of My Chemical Romance‘s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row,” to be featured in the upcoming <span style="font-style:

New My Chemical Romance Song Available for Pre-Order on Vinyl

It looks like as much as My Chemical Romance fans can’t wait to get their hands on some new music, those boys from Jersey (and Chicago) can’t wait to get new music…

Gerard Way Gives Fans More of What To Expect From the New Album

My Chemical Romance is supposedly headed back to the studio sometime soon (“after the holidays” is how they put it before) in order to record their fourth studio album.  But what can

My Chemical Romance FAILS at Hiatus in 2008

So, in early 2008, My Chemical Romance announced they were going to take some time off. The band was imposing a hiatus on themselves in order to clear their heads and “relax” before recording their new album. The problem with workaholics, though, is that they don’t stop working, even when they’re on hiatus. See what… More »

Frank Iero Warns My Chem Fans That Leathermouth is a Different Band. Duh.

Frank Iero‘s band Leathermouth has been crazy busy during My Chemical Romance‘s recent hiatus.  Between opening for Reggie and the Full Effect <a

Three Cheers for Sweet Vinyl

As My Chemical Romance continues to taunt us with the NONEXISTENCE of their follow up to The Black Parade, they are at least trying to keep fans somewhat satiated.  After

Welcome to the Black Parade at MTV VMA PRE SHOW 2006

The opening bit, where they’re marching…and the close-ups…and the looks on their faces. Say what you will about TBP, the theatre geek in me continues to love it.


So, remember awhile back when I posted about the Imeem My Chemical Romance contest?  Where you created a playlist and entered to win one of the final copies of The…

Gerard Way Reveals Update on New Album & Other Projects for My Chemical Romance

While fans have waited impatiently through My Chemical Romance‘s self-imposed hiatus, the boys in the band haven’t exactly stopped working.  While they haven’t been concentrating on My Chem, Gerard

New My Chemical Romance Contest: Create a Playlist and Win!

So in case you haven’t yet heard, there’s a new contest to win one of the last ten limited edition copies of My Chemical Romance‘s live CD and DVD The Black Parade…

Reflections on a Black Parade

If I heard My Chemical Romance on the radio during college, I don’t remember it.  Which isn’t much of a shock.  Back then my listening preferences were mostly formed by or based on my boyfriend’s. …

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