“Watchmen” Sequel Officially in the Works

It wasn’t too long after Watchmen‘s opening weekend that DC comics launched a site called “After Watchmen, What’s Next?”  And of course, the film industry was asking itself the same thing.  In…

Watchmen – I Herd U Liek It

$55.7 million dollars is a lot of 20 sided dice. That dollar amount is the weekend take home for Zac Snyder’s take on the beloved graphic novel Watchmen. While many a fan crawled…

Watchmen Clip: Prison Break Fight Scene

Okay. I’m suddenly a lot more optimistic about this movie. And the music is just AWESOME.

Keene Act Educational Film

Another Watchmen viral. STAY INSIDE THE HOUSE.

My Chemical Romance Release “Desolation Row” Video

The guys from My Chemical Romance are all dedicated musicians and performers who put out amazing albums and provide great shows and opportunities for their fans.

They’re also all really, really ridiculously good

My Chemical Romance’s “Desolation Row” Video Out Friday, Sneak a Peek Now!

Yesterday we got a chance to listen to the new My Chemical Romance song, a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row” which the band has recorded for the upcoming <span style="font-style:

Check Out the My Chemical Romance Cover of “Desolation Row”

After months of waiting, rumors and baited breath, it’s finally here: My Chemical Romance has released their cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row.”

You know how it

“NBC News” report on Dr. Manhattan

Viral video uploaded to Youtube by “thenewfrontiersman.” Features what is supposed to be a 1970 broadcast of NBC news talking about the 10 year anniversary of Dr. Manhattan’s transformation. “Better blue than red, man. Better blue than red.” And if you’re interested in keeping up on Watchmen with other Buzznet members? Head over to Mourn… More »

Preview MCR’s Cover of Desolation Row

The moment is nearly upon us!  Pretty soon we’ll be hearing the finished version of My Chemical Romance‘s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row,” to be featured in the upcoming <span style="font-style:

New My Chemical Romance Song Available for Pre-Order on Vinyl

It looks like as much as My Chemical Romance fans can’t wait to get their hands on some new music, those boys from Jersey (and Chicago) can’t wait to get new music…

My Chemical Romance FAILS at Hiatus in 2008

So, in early 2008, My Chemical Romance announced they were going to take some time off. The band was imposing a hiatus on themselves in order to clear their heads and “relax” before recording their new album. The problem with workaholics, though, is that they don’t stop working, even when they’re on hiatus. See what… More »

Gerard Way on MCR’s Contribution to Watchmen: “…it’s integral to the ending of the film”

So, if you don’t know by now, My Chemical Romance has recorded a cover of Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row for the upcoming film version of the classic graphic novel Watchmen


Six new Watchmen Posters have hit the internet.

Look, Twilight, both of our movies are being incredibly hyped.  You’ve got complaints about how they cast your film,…

Watchmen Officially Squidless

It’s what fans were holding their breath about when they heard the original rumblings.  And now they can breathe out and start complaining.

Watchmen Preview from Scream 2008

Featuring Zach Snyder (director), Jeffery Dean Morgan (The Comedian), Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre II) and Carla Gugino (Silk Spectre I). Oh, and Gerard Way (fanboy).

Gerard Way and the Owl Ship

Gerard Way at the 2008 Scream Awards, in front of the Owl Ship set piece. Capped from video of the event. Low quality.

Scream Awards 2008: General Round Up

So, The 2008 Scream Awards Show actually took place Saturday night, but the telecast aired last night on Spike TV.  If you didn’t get a chance to see it or if my liveblog just ain’t

Boobs + Superpowers = Hollywood’s Confused

So apparently, Hollywood has no idea how to handle taking Wonder Woman from the pages of her comics to the big screen.

Who’s got two thumbs and isn’t surprised?  THIS GIRL!

In <a…

Watchmen Video Diary: Making Doctor Manhattan

Fans have been holding their breath to find out whether or not the film adaptation of Watchmen would open on time, due to a nasty little legal situation between Warner Brothers and…

Gerard Way Reveals Update on New Album & Other Projects for My Chemical Romance

While fans have waited impatiently through My Chemical Romance‘s self-imposed hiatus, the boys in the band haven’t exactly stopped working.  While they haven’t been concentrating on My Chem, Gerard