It’s the Great Pumpkin, Mikey Way!

So, awhile ago we brought you news that My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way was following his band’s tradition at failing at hiatus. Way recently had the opportunity to pen a comic for the DC Universe Halloween 2008 issue.

They’re out looking for the kidnapped unicorns, in case you’re wondering.
However, the cover illustration for the issue shows a lot more promise than my idea did:
No word yet on whether or not this cover illustration has anything to do with Mikey’s comic, but no matter what it’s my favorite twist on The Great Pumpkin since Robot Chicken took the topic on.

The issue hits stands on October 22nd, just in time for Halloween. So head out to your local comic shop to be sure they’ll have a copy for you!

What other famous superheroes would you like to see one of the Brother Way tackle? Or even another one of the many comics fans in music today? We already know I’d consider allowing Gerard to pen Wonder Woman in film form!