Cara Delevingne Up To Play Major Character In New DC Comics Movie!

Our british bombshell, Cara Delevingne, has been super busy lately. From recording some music in the studio with Pharrell Williams to being cast in major movies, including one of the lead roles in movie Paper…


OKAY so maybe it’s not actually a marathon but I decided to share more of my newspapers comics.Most of them are Tundra and a few others I like. Since…

Real-Life Sailor Scouts!

These cosplayin’ ladies are bringing Babs Tarr’s “Bosozoku Sailor Scouts” to life Sailor Moon is all grown up and is riding around the streets with her candy-colored biker gang! I love it! Modeled by Michelle Ngyuen, Ruby Leigh Young, Jennifer Newman, Yume Ninja-Sovereign, Mandie Bettencourt and shot by Greg De Stefano <3 Check out the… More »

Geek Chiq Must-Have Accessories by Hailey Bright

Accessories that every geek chiq tech girl needs to own! Comment below on your Favorite accessory 🙂


It was a beautiful sunny Sunday here but a bit chilly. Earth Day has always been an important day for me. I’m definitely an Earth Person I love to dig in the dirt and plant things. I also compost all of our veggie and fruit leftover scraps and egg shells and coffee grounds !!! The… More »

BUZZNET Goes To Comikaze 2012

By Patty Gopez Most people think of the uber-popular Comic-Con when they hear about a comic book convention – but that’s not the only convention comic book enthusiasts and super-fans can go to get their fix! The 2nd annual Comikaze Expo – which is Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee‘s comic fan event – was held… More »

Kat Dennings Set To Make Her Return To The Dark World! (VIDEO)

What’s better than comic book movies and Kat Dennings? Answer: Kat Dennings IN a comic book movie! Yes, we know that she’s already starred alongside <a…

Stuff I Didn’t Need But Got Anyway: The Comic Con Edition

So Comic Con just hapened and omg my feet hurt. Let’s talk about a few things and then we’ll get into my little goodie bag of things that I am super excite about to do…

Hot or Not? Avengers Eye Makeup

Ever since Effie Trinkett showed us that a regular human fleshtone and natural hair color are boring, we are left needing options to make our faces a little more super.


Mikey Way Confirms There Will Be No Third Killjoys Video

We’d heard as much but up until now it hadn’t been comfirmed by the band.  But now it’s official: Mikey Way confirmed that we will not see a third video based on the Fabulous…

Marvel Releases Two New Stills from ‘The Avengers’

Not to be outdone by all the Dark Knight Rises hype, Marvel is reminding people that there’s at least one other superhero epic out next summer.  They’ve released two new stills from their upcoming…

New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Promises the End of the Legend (Updated with Embedded Video!)

So, today Warner Brothers released the second trailer for The Dark Knight Rises onto the Internet. 

And just.  Guys.  I don’t know that I can be coherant here.  Because the final film in Nolan’s trilogy looks…

Let’s Face It: Ryan Gosling is a Cyborg or Something

In the X-Men universe, there is a group called “Weapon X” who experimented on people (and mutants) in order to create super soldiers.  Operating in the wilds of Canada, they were responsible for the creation…

‘Amazing Spiderman’ Poster Is Not For Arachnophobes

If you’re uncomfortable with spiders, now would probably be the time to look away.  Because the new Amazing Spiderman posters got a big one.

Or at least the shadow of a big one, being cast by…

Gerard Way Creates a Party Poison Shirt For Charity

As the Killjoys celebrate their one-year anniversary, MASScanvas is offering fans a chance to get their hands on a limited edition charity release Party Poison tee-shirt.

Oh, and the design…

Anne Hathaway Is the Gosh Darn Batman at the Spike TV Scream Awards

Anne Hathaway is playing the felonious feline Catwoman in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, but it looks like if they ever need a fill-in Batman she could do the trick. 

At the Spike TV…

Find The Right Superheroine Costume for YOU

So, some of you may still be pondering your Halloween costumes. And with how huge superheroes have been in recent years, you might thing, huh, it would be really cool to go as a superheroine…but which one? Don’t worry. I’m here to save the day. Here’s a gallery of superheroine and villain costumes with some… More »

Panel Footage From the New York Comic Con 2011

Footage includes Tom Morello talking about scoring his comic “Orchid,” Norman Reedus explaining why you don’t hug his character from “The Walking Dead” and Tom Hiddleston on leather and buckles. Also, Mario dances to the Black Eyed Peas for your amusement. Make sure you check out ALL of Buzznet’s NYCC coverage from Friday and Saturday.

Buzznet Speculates on These Brand New Images From the ‘Avengers’ Set

Last week they were on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, but now this week we’ve got two new photos of The Avengers in action on set.  And Buzznet is right here to…

The Cast of ‘The Avengers’ Covers Entertainment Weekly

The Avengers isn’t due out until next year, but the buzz is already huge.  And why not?  After all, the Marvel Studios adaptation of the comic combines the forces of huge stars like Robert Downey…

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