Fall Out Boy’s “I Don’t Care” Video: “Everyone in the world who is famous is just a WWF character.”

Buzznet’s been, well, a-buzz with talk about the video for Fall Out Boy‘s song “I Don’t Care,” the first single from their upcoming album Folie a Deux. Between Mendoza‘s video coverage and swingthefocus bringing us behind the scenes pictures, Buzznet, along with CFOBmania have been giving followers a decent idea of what was going into the video. But for the most part we’ve had no idea what exactly was going ON in the video.

I am a Jericholic. I refuse to apologize.
The video, however, will feature some big name cameos, including Mark Hoppus of blink-182 and +44 and Gabe Saporta and Ryland Blackinton from Cobra Starship. And while Tom Cruise will not appear in the video, apparently a lot of the action was inspired by the Mission: Impossible films, which he starred in.

“We’re all fans of ‘Mission Impossible,’ and in part three, they really nailed it, where they had these great masks with these great reveals,” Wentz said. “So me and Pharrell and Spencer and Gabe and Mark Hoppus all went and got our faces cast, like plaster castings made, and we’re going to do actual reveals.”

No word yet on when the video will premier, but stay tuned to Buzznet to find out more!