The Ring And The Stage: The Marriage Of Wrestling And Music

A few years ago my friends and I came to the realization that we still love professional wrestling. It’s the same situation as having a guilty-pleasure song, but as…

Jersey Shore Star Set to Make An Impact… In a Wrestling Ring?

No, we cannot yet start ignoring the Jersey Shore.  Because if we try, the stars will keep appearing in the most ridiculous places.

Like, say, a pro-wrestling ring.

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie will be…

Shawn Michaels & Dx Gifs and Banners

                                                         HBK gifs & banners,along with DX gifs & banners.

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Katy Perry: Your Next WWE Women’s Champion?

Well, mostly I’m trying to stay on topic after Friday’s reveal that Fall Out Boy is channeling the WWF/E (for those of you unaware: copyright law forced the World Wrestling Federation to change their…

Fall Out Boy’s “I Don’t Care” Video: “Everyone in the world who is famous is just a WWF character.”

Buzznet’s been, well, a-buzz with talk about the video for Fall Out Boy‘s song “I Don’t Care,” the first single from their upcoming album Folie a Deux.  Between Mendoza‘s

Beware Your Heroes

We all have heroes.  Fictional or real, we all have people we look up to for so many reasons.  For their actions, for their words, for their music, for all of the above.  And we…

Heroes speculation!

So, this week, we saw the re-introduction of Candice.  Only she's calling herself Michelle.  And now she's dead.

But she's given us a very imporant hint!  See, her name was obviously a reference to WWE…

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