Blood Painted Roses Part 18

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Blood Painted Roses Part 18

Adam’s P.O.V

Those last words rolled off my tongue so gracefully. I didnt need to deceive myself to know that I meant it with every drop of blood flowing in my veins. She sets herself apart from any other girl Ive ever met. She’s so beautiful inside and out. That distinct scent from her hair when we hug. I wait like an impatient child for the beginning of each week just to see her again; now there wont be seeing her anymore…

I just want her to open her eyes and see that no one loves her like I do; no one but me.

Hayley’s P.O.V

I was so sick.

Sick and tired of lying to myself.

” Hun.” Josh gently caressed my shoulder. I couldnt bear turning my head. I could feel the cold sheets ruffled under my legs; just another sign that here is not where I was supposed to be.

“Hayles, what’s wrong?”

This isnt supposed to be him. Hes not whom I want him to pretend to be. He never will be.

I stood up to fix my dress and hair. “Hayley, whatd I do wrong? Answer me, please?” My hand was glued to the doorknob. I released and looked up at the mirror on his side wall. It wasn’t the Hayley I saw a week ago. It was a distorted, blurry version of her. She was a fake.A lying, cheating fake. She disgusted me.

“You didn’t do anything wrong; I did.”

I could feel his eyes burn a whole in my back. I didn’t want Josh to feel guilty in anyway. It wasn’t his fault; it was mine. How could I do this to him? He didn’t deserve what I was doing to him. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

“Hayley.” Josh got up from the bed. He was at my side at once. He grabbed my face in both of his hands. “You didn’t do anything wrong. Do you understand me? Nothing.”

Before I knew it, tears were running down my face. I did do something wrong; there was no denying it.

“Josh…” I choked out. “I’m sorry. I-I have to go.” The words almost sounded like gibberish, hopefully he understood, but I didn’t look to make sure. I was out the door before he could speak.

I hated myself more then ever. The tears were filling up in my eyes. I couldn’t see well but I didn’t care, as soon as I was out his front door, I ran. I wanted to run and never look back. I ran until my legs gave up on me. It was pretty dark outside. I couldn’t see a car close by. I remembered that I had the cab company number in my phone contacts. Then it hit me; I left my phone at Josh’s house. I couldn’t go back. I guess I was screwed. My house wasn’t so far from his neighborhood, just fifteen minutes or so. I needed time to think and figure out what I was to do next.

Josh’s P.O.V

“Josh, I’m sorry. I-I have to go.” Before I knew it Hayley was gone. I wanted to run after her but I knew it wouldn’t do any good. I just stood there, probably looking like a dumbass, wondering what went wrong. I mean, I’m no expert in this. Was I really that bad? No, that couldn’t be it…could it?

Beep, beep, beep

Where the heck is that noise coming from? I had been hearing it for a couple minutes now. It was not a sound I recognized. I finally got myself together to find out where it was coming from. I followed the sound; it was coming from under the bed. This wasn’t my phone; it was Hayley’s.

I picked it off the floor, opening it, it was a voice mail. It said it was from Adam. Adam? I thought to myself. Why would Adam call Hayley? Curiosity was getting the best of me; I wanted to hear what Adam had to say to Hayley.

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