carson collides.

today my youth group had a prayer walk. there were 16 of us, and we split into small groups and walked around the city, praying for the people who live here. it was alot of fun.. i walked like 2 miles or so. tiring. i only had like maybe one hour of sleep. haha!

i’ve been cleaning out my closet.. ugh. it’s a mess. i’m selling tons of stuff on eBay and buying tons of stuff on there too. i love that site. i want a rasta hat.. they’re too expensive though. well, not for most people.. but i hate spending money. like.. to me, $14 is too much for a hat. maybe i’m just ridiculous.

i also want a peace ring.. i’m gonna go all flower child and get all kinds of hippie dresses, flip flops, flared jeans and peace jewelry.. haha! but seriously, i’m getting a ring something like this cause it’s too cute.

the secret life of an american teenager.. i want to see it. i still don’t know if it’s a movie or a show.. but i wanna see it. anyone know if it’s any good? i could have sworn that the girl is emma roberts.. maybe i am crazy.

gotta get some sleep.. church tomorrow.