Buzznet Presents: New Americana – Fourth Of July Playlist

The fourth of July is only days away and what better way to celebrate America’s birthday than with a killer playlist of all of your favorite tunes? From Halsey‘s “New Americana” to Miley Cyrus‘ “Party In The USA,” to The 1975‘s semi-rant on “She’s American,” there’s no better way to spend your day while you… More »

Swooning Over Monday: American Cream

I’ve been spending a lot of time out on my new town of Las Vegas. Trying to fully understand what’s so magical of this place and what it has to offer. I’m pretty sure I…

Shopping: Best Online American Flag Fashions

It’s that time again… bug bites, fireworks, BBQ’s, mixed drinks, pool-side days and American Flag fashions! Check out some of the best red / white and blue styles on the web!

Proud To Be An AmerINKan: Presidential Tattoos

I know we are all SO excited to have an extra day off from school and work to be home and comfy check Buzznet. We can’t forget why though…today is President’s Day! A day to celebrate Washington’s Birthday of course. I have tattoos so I am of course a fan of them…I came across some… More »

Hot Or Not? Taylor Swift At The 2012 AMA’s

Taylor Swift loves to sparkle on the red carpet! Last weekend Taylor attended the 2012 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA. She talked the red carpet wearing a Zuhair Murad mini…

The AMAs Best Beauty Through The Years

Of course fashion is the man topic on the red carpet for an award show, but hair and makeup are just as important. The American Music Awards have been going on for nearly four decades now and throughout those years there have been MANY noteworthy beauties who have walked the red carpet. I have pulled… More »

Emma Watson Spills On Dating American Vs. British Guys!

Emma Watson may be dating fellow scholar Will Adamowicsz, but that’s not to say she hasn’t had her fair share of <a style="font-size:…

Musicians Rockin’ Old Glory

To get inspired for your 4th of July outfit, check out some of your favorite celebs showing their patriotism with these red white and blue ensambles. Who has your favorite look for the 4th?

Festive Celebs Rocking The American Flag

Hey guys, July 4th is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Kinda more than xmas because it’s warm, you get to be outside cooking food with friends and family, running around beaches or lakes, riding boats, jet skis, lighting fireworks, sparklers, watching fireworks, and dressing in red white and blue. That all happens… More »

Valiant Watches Partners With Tyson Ritter And Don’t Hate On Haiti

Tyson Ritter, lead singer of The All American Rejects partners with Valiant Watches to launch Valiant’s featured BE.REAL Watch. “I’m so fortunate to have Valiant Watches partner with me to keep up awareness for those doing without in…

Fantastic or Freaky?

Ganguro literally means “black face,” in Japanese and has been a trend in Japanese street fashion for over 20 years now, peaking around the millennium. The staples of this look are extremely tanned skin, bleached or silver hair and heavy white make up. Some believe that it was inspired by 90’s American pop star/bimbo look… More »

America The Beautiful: Patriotic Nail Art

Celebrate this beautiful country of ours…on your fingertips! Chow down at your July 4th BBQ with some glitz and glam fireworks on those paws or maybe some red, white and blue? Here are some inspirational patriotic digit decorations:

The Evolution of Davey Havok

You guys, AFI is my favorite band of all time. My obsession is best explained as a teenage phase that never ended…for the past six years. After countless hours on the official AFI messageboard, $30 in fan club dues (excuse me, Despair Faction), nine live shows in six cities, supporting band members’ obscure side projects… More »

Music Video: Guns N’ Roses – November Rain

Today for some reason I remembered Guns N’ Roses “November Rain”.Maybe because the autumn mood seizes me.

Such a beautiful song. Reviewed video,great. In my Moscow tasteless furnished flat inspired by rock’n’roll…

carson collides.

today my youth group had a prayer walk. there were 16 of us, and we split into small groups and walked around the city, praying for the people who live here. it was alot of…

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