Must-Have Fall Essentials

 Fall is here (can you believe it?) and maybe you’re like the rest of us, and just now realizing that your closet and/or beauty routine needs a 

Magical Fall 2013 Line by Samii Ryan!

 Halloween isn’t the only time to celebrate Magic and Witch-y things. Now you can spellbind all year long with the gorgeous Fall 2013 line by 

10 Life Essentials Featuring Danny Kurily

I try to be a little bit into everything, I want to be good at anything I try.  These are 10 things that are essentials to my life and my lifestyle. I present…

Brixton Hats and Clothing.

I love hats, i probably wear them more than anyone else i know.  Snapbacks, beanies, ushankas, whatever. One of my favorite companies as of late is called Brixton.  

30 Of The Best Shark Fashion!

IT IS THE START OF THE BEST WEEK EVER! SHARK WEEK!!! I seriously can’t express how much I love sharks, ugh the best! I used to have a small one as a pet and want a real big one day… a girl can dream right? Here are 30 of my fave shark fashion items…what is… More »

Willow Smith Magically Grew Long Gray Hair Overnight And Rocks Miley Pantsuit

Everyone’s favorite hair flipper-back-and-fourther, Willow Smith, turned heads last night at the 15th Annual From Slavery to Freedom Event in Los Angeles. 

The recently mohawked Smith child sported…

Trend To Rock: Fedora Hats

As I was browsing my fave sites online dreaming of a new spring wardrobe, I couldn’t help but notice how many fedoras are being sold right now. This is the perfect accessory for a beach day, bad hair day or when you just need that little something to spice up your outfit. Even Taylor Swift… More »

Style Profile: True Ladies

Just look at these women! These stylish grannies are incredible. I am a big fan of famininity. And they are real ladies! Inspiration 🙂

Tian Yi by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China June 2012

  Tian Yi by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China June 2012

Aline Weber by Tetsuharu Kubota for S Moda, September 2012

Aline Weber by Tetsuharu Kubota for S Moda, September 2012

WIN: ZZ Ward signed CD and Broner hat!

ZZ Ward is so wonderful that we just have to share her awesomeness with you! ZZ recently released her album Till The Casket Drops which features hit artists like…

Hat Thursday! Upload your photo!

Hey guys! We’ve decided to give ourselves all a reason to A) wear a hat and B) look at photos of all of your beautiful faces each week! The rules are simple: wait til Thursday, wear a hat, take a photo and upload it! Feel free to add a little description of your mood, your… More »

Summer style

My summer style has been so uniform! I basically wear my favorite hat by LACK OF COLOR and any old flannel I find laying around my room. As for pants- when I need to wear them I stick to black leggings. When I want to dress things up a bit I have my black romper… More »

Baby Angel Hat

This type of hat is my new addiction, simply i love it!!! xx

carson collides.

today my youth group had a prayer walk. there were 16 of us, and we split into small groups and walked around the city, praying for the people who live here. it was alot of…

Americone Dream

I have Americone Dream Ice Cream. It is crack, and filled with truthiness. Apparently truthiness tastes like caramel. The hat is to protect my anonymity. Also, to keep people away from my brain. My superpower of being excessively emo and angry doesn’t seem like it would be in high demand, but you never know!

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