Playlist: All You Need is Love

Truly feeling the power of love in one’s life, to me, is the true definition of happiness. The law of love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe…

Buzznet Breakdown April 21

It’s that time of the week again, Buzznet Breakdown! Here we show you our top ten posts of the week. We share our fave posts that made us LOL, new music we love, fashion and…

15 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day In 10 Minutes

Let’s be honest – no matter how peaceful and calm you may be, we all have our bad days. Im talking about those days when you want to throw the phone out the window, cry, and lay in bed and yell at anyone who crosses your path. Minor things can trigger bad days, whether it’s… More »

Flower Power Weekly Inspiration Photo Diary

I decided that since my brain is always all over the place and pulling inspiration from everything around me…I would make those thoughts into an inspirational gallery. This week i am feeling exceptionally inspired by peace, love and all things “hippy”. I just loved the way life seemed to be back in the day and… More »


OKAY so it is Jack Skellington !!! After Dr.Mojo got out of his costume Jack wanted to try on the JIMI wig and play Dr.Mojo’s guitar 😀 View in full size

25 Amazing Peace Tattoos

Happy Tattoo Tuesday! Thankfully, school has finally been settling down and I am able to have some relaxtion and time now. This weeks gallery is dedicated to the most wanted thing in life: peace. I always automatically thing of John Lennon. Here’s 25 photos dedicated to tattoos of peace signs… I definitely want one on… More »

Babies of the 80’s.

We’ve all seen tie dye shoes, shirts, shorts, pants, and basically everything. One thing people don’t talk about are tie dye NAILS! I absolutely love the neon tie dye nails trend, especially the ones with the peace sign and Jac Vanek tie dye nails done by Nicole Buckley are INSANELY cute! Would you rock tie… More »

Happy Easter BUZZNET!

Tomorrow I will be all day out and so I can answer to all your comment, so I take one’s chance to wish a Happy Easter to all my followers and I wish you an awesome day full of joy and happiness with your dear family and friends. Love you so much, Peace xo

‘A Cause for Concern’ Video

I made this in 2007 when ACFC was just a fledgling dream.

A Cause for Concern


     This week I will be unveiling a project that has been an idea in my head and very close to my heart for a few years…

Happy New Year – Tarja

I thought this is the perfect song for today, with the wonderful voice of Tarja Happy New Year to all the people in the whole world Peace, Joy and Happiness

Power to the Peaceful.

Recently I attended this amazing festival called Power to the Peaceful in San Francisco with a couple of my best friends.  I feel compelled to write a blog about it because it was such an…

leave me hypnotized, love

freash outta bed ahahhaa so tired after last night i even fell asleep avec makeup and jewelry. so bad.


I hope all my American friends enjoyed the day. This was our 233 year that America has been independent. I did some gardening and also found a baby bird that was in danger. I’m not sure what happened to it but I’m thinking by the way it is acting it isn’t good. I have it… More »

carson collides.

today my youth group had a prayer walk. there were 16 of us, and we split into small groups and walked around the city, praying for the people who live here. it was alot of…

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