Blood Painted Roses *Part 17*

Ok I’m going to start this out with a huge apology. To be honest, we had this whole story planned out so well that we could have typed up each part and saved it in a special folder. But complications arose and we didn’t even know the outcome. So each part has its own problems we need to work out. Sometimes we have writer’s block for months; shoot that’s the serious case we just got over. Then we started receiving messages and notes questioning whether the story had ended. ATTENTION ALL READERS! It’s not over J woohoo. So there it is from Gracie and I, with the biggest heartfelt apology we could possibly come up with 😛 It’s great being back from the dead & I hope you all enjoy it.



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Part 17

*Hayley’s POV*

Why do things have to be this difficult? “Wanna explain what happened back there?” Josh half asked/stated. I felt an overwhelming amount of shame rush over me.

“Eh, don’t worry about it.” I could feel myself sinking slowly in the passenger seat. Josh glanced my way and held my hand. I looked down at my hand enveloped in his; hidden and safe. Right now is not the time to stiffen up/ stop the tense behavior… The warm brown hair and perfectly tan skin, if only I could unravel the mystery in his never fading smile. I don’t know how it came so fast, but I have control over how it ends; it ends tonight.

My plans clashed with a creak of the parking brake. Josh unbuckled his seatbelt and got out. I figured I’d open it myself since I do have fingers made for those sort of tasks.

“I was going to open that for you.” He sneered.

“Ha, yeah but I almost forgot god made me with two hands intact. Thanks anyway.” I smiled with my eyes. We walked our way up his driveway and came to the entrance of a colonial era two-story house. He held the stainless steel lock and pushed down to let us in. His house was neatly decorated but had the essence of a single parent household. He led me past the kitchen, living room, family room, guest room, and so on, to the upstairs game room. Pinball machines, classic arcade, air hockey, foosball- oh my! Yup it was all there- unused and calling us out. We played Pac-man until I said I didn’t want to play another rematch for million gazillionth time and that it’s be much easier if he surrendered.

“You know,” I said looking around, “There is one game I have yet to master.”

“Oh yeah,” He said inching closer to me. “What that?” He asked completely serious in a playful, yet erotic way. I smirked in response and ran to the wall where the pool cues hung and handed one to him. “Game on.” I wrinkled my nose and winked.

“Ok well start with your stance,” He came behind me. “Spread your legs about a few inches apart and lean in a little.” Once I did so, he did the same. He placed his hand safely on my waist. He knew how to make me quiver; how to make me want him. I held the cue by my side and turned around to lock lips with his. He pushed his hips on mine. I had to return to favor; I bit his lip ring. We broke apart only to walk down the dark hallway into another dark room I assumed was his bedroom. Come on Hayley. You know you want this. He wants this. Dangit, ADAM WANTS THIS! We shuffled into the moonlight against his door. We both gasped for oxygen. Josh stopped and looked at me in the eyes waiting for the right words to come into play. I nodded and lifted the hem of his shirt and pressed my mouth against his and opened my eyelids to a concentrated Josh. An innocent and naive Josh. I’m using you, abusing you, my little decoy. I shut my eyes and thought of the source of this pain. This wasn’t Adam. A tear tricled down as I let those regrets escape my mind.

*Adam’s POV*

The beats drowned out my morality. I staggered to the minibar and poured a glass of Courvoisier. I held my head to stop the blurriness and trampled over guys and girls hooking up/making out on the living room rug. Giggles, shouts, screams, and yells rose into the musty air. I slumped down next to Brittney making a guy from the team. I couldn’t muster up the strength to angry or sad. I could only think her and the sheer emptiness she made me feel. I took a gulp and let it tingle down my throat; maybe it’d burn out my feelings. I slipped my phone out of my pocket, dialed the number I knew by heart.

Her phone was obviously off ‘cause this came up:

Hey it Hayley! Haha that rhymes yo! Anyways, if you have something special and not boring to tell me, leave me a message. Peace.

I cleared my throat and began to arrange my words.

“Hayley, it’s um.. Adam.

Ugh. What ever happened between us?


I love you.”

And I hung up.

No one else will have like you do.

No one else will have me, only you.

**hope ya noticed the Jimmy Eat World references through out 😀 buzz and comment!

Peace 😉

-Annette one of the panicrebels