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Britishrock: So you played in Germany the last two days … “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park”. How was it? Josh: It was great … tons and tons of kids, like as far as you could see. It was definitely different though, because the kids had never heard of us. It was a lot of fun though!Jeremy: They were all kind of bands and the stages were so big, it was ridiculous. I have never even seen a stage that big before, it was cool!Britishrock: So do you like playing at festivals? Hayley: Yeah, I enjoy it a lot; it’s just a complete different atmosphere than being on a club tour. Like there are so many other bands around, your friends. It’s different food, different music, the surroundings … there is like tons of different types of people. I love that!Britishrock: Do you prefer normal club gigs?Josh: Neither one … we like both!Jeremy: Whenever you are playing one, you kind of miss the other one. We are all really excited for Warped Tour, cause it’s like all summer, outside. But then when you are playing Warped Tour, you can’t wait to get back inside the clubs. Because it has air-conditioning (grins). Britishrock: Last year, Brendon Urie (Leadsänger von Panic! at the Disco) got knocked out by a waterbottle thrown at him at Reading festival. Are you sometimes afraid how people might react to you and your music?Josh: Yeah, of course we think about that. But if people don’t like us and decide to throw bottles at us, there really isn’t much we can do. We hope nobody does that … it would sort of suck!Hayley: I think, out of all the people at Download and especially Reading and Leeds, there gonna be some that don’t like your band. To whether we are going to get booed or bottled … we are just going to play our music.Britishrock: Hayley, I read that if something like that would happen you would just lay down on stage and finish the set rather than leaving the stage.Hayley: Yeah, I would … I’d rather just die on stage. (The boys start looking worried)Josh: Yeah I don’t know about that!Hayley: Maybe I shouldn’t.Britishrock: RIOT! is about to come out soon. How do you feel about that … excited, scared or …?Josh: (laughs) Definetly both! Hayley: Hm, more excited than scared I guess. It would just say … anxious!Britishrock: How would you describe what you did on the second album. Is it going to be a lot different? Hayley: Honestly I think it’s really, really different! In a great way, obviously. I think we all had the time to take risks and chances on things we didn’t even know we wanted to do last time around. Last time around was there was no time and I feel we were kind of a little bit timid. We didn’t try that much and on this record, we went out on a limb to make sure everything we wanted would be there. That there would be no regrets. I am really proud of that record and I know everything is excited about it. Britishrock: So, what RIOT! tracks are you going to play tonight?Josh: We are going to play “Hallelujah”, “Misery Business”, and a song called “For A Pessimist, I am Pretty Optimistic”. And there is one more … oh yeah, “Born For This”. (eventually they didn’t play “Born For This”, but the RIOT! track “That’s What You Get”)Britishrock: I read the Kerrang! article. How much does it affect you when you open up a magazine and read stuff like that.Hayley: I don’t think it really ever affected us, up until this point. We knew from the beginning, that even if we are not a huge band, this are going to be said about us that we don’t agree with. This time around it definitely bothers us a lot. We think that there is no truth to anything that was in that article. But what can we really do, other than try to defend ourselves in the best way we hope we can. I mean I know that our fans know us better than that, so that’s a good feeling. Hopefully the people who don’t know us and read that will give us another chance.Britishrock: Did you talk to Kerrang! after the article was out there?Hayley: Well, they know we are not stoked about it.Britishrock: I think they knew that beforehand…Josh: Yeah, they still put it out anyway!Hayley: Whatever! Britishrock: I also spent some time on …Hayley: Nice! (laughs)Britishrock: … and I know you do that too! There have been some pretty harsh words said about you. Do you sometimes think you should click the reply button and just tell people off?Josh: Sometimes … if they are really rude. But then I think it’s not worth it, people are going to say whatever they want to say. There is not much I can do about that. It is frustrating, but you just have to bite your tongue.Hayley: At the same time it is like “Do we really care?” if like 100, 200 or 300 kids don’t like us? We’re gonna continue to be who we are and play the music we like to play, whether they like that or not. Britishrock: What is the best thing that happened to you in the last months? Hayley: Gosh … we got to do so many cool things. I would say I am really excited about a photoshoot we did in London when we played the … Underworld. I called it the Underground a couple of times by accident, but it’s called the Underworld. And basically a photographer from Brooklyn, New York came out and just took pictures of us. Behind the scenes kind of stuff and they are sort of being blown up and plastered on MTV’s windows on Times Square in New York City. That’s really exciting, because about three months ago we did an acoustic performance at their offices and I feel that ever since then they have been just so cool to us and they are giving us so many opportunities to be heard. We are really excited about it … I mean, just to be a little rock band plastered up on a big wall next to all those models and huge rap artists. That’s a big honour and something not a lot of bands get to do.Britishrock: And what would be the worst thing? Hayley: The worst thing …Josh: Probably Kerrang?Hayley: Oh yeah … isn’t it obvious …Britishrock: I saw one of your earlier TV interviews and Josh said it was hard for you to approach other bands because you felt like they looked down on you for being so young. Has that changed?Josh: I don’t remember that (laughs). But it has definitely changed. I think we made a name for ourselves as a band. At first people looked at us and thought “Who are these kids?” But we became friends with a lot of bands, so right now we feel like we are part of everything. Hayley: And even back then … it’s not like we got that a lot. There were just some tours we felt … sort of uncomfortable around other bands but it’s all good now.Britishrock: I’d like to ask you about a few of your favourites. Favourite song when you’re in a good mood?Josh: I have a lot, that’s hard. What do you like Zac?(Zac’s head rests on the table)Britishrock: You are pretty tired, aren’t you?Zac: I am actually really tired. This weather feels really good, I’m just hanging out! Jeremy: Oh! I know a song that puts me in a good mood. It’s by a band called Phoenix and the song’s name is “Long Distance Call”. Josh: I would say anything from Jimmy Eat World puts me in a good mood. Hayley: Yeah, that’s it for me too!Josh: And The Cure’s “Why Can’t I Be You?” … Britishrock: And when you feel sad and like to just dwell on it? Zac: Oh I know Josh’s! What is it? “Stop this Train” or something?Josh: Yeah, “Stop this Train” by John Mayer. And “Brothers on a Hotel Bed” by Death Cab For Cutie.Everybody: Oh yeah!Josh: “Jesus Christ” by Brand New. Hayley: There are some songs on mewithoutYou’s first record, it’s called “AB life” which I listen to when I’m upset. I don’t even know why. They aren’t sad songs (laughs) … Britishrock: Your favourite lyrics?Hayley: “Jesus Christ” by Brand New has great lyrics, I love those. Oh, oh! “Faces in Disguise” by Sunny Day Real Estate. Josh: I think all of Death Cab For Cutie’s lyrics are amazing. There is this song “Crooked Teeth” which I love.Britishrock: Are you going to be on the road the whole summer and longer or will there be a break then? Josh: I think we will get off Warped Tour and go straight to another tour. Hopefully we will be home for Christmas! Hayley: Yeah … I know we won’t be home during parts of December, because we are trying to get on some radio shows but hopefully we will be home for the holiday. Jeremy: Thanksgiving was also always kind of safe. Zac: It’s going to be a lot of touring, but it’s fun though!Britishrock: What is the one thing you always wanted to tell a journalist, but never got asked?Hayley: I would say: “Listen intently!” Jeremy: Yeah, use the interviews we do and not what you think you see at the photoshoots!Britishrock: That was something I totally didn’t get about the Kerrang! article. You did interviews with them right? Yet they only wrote how you acted on the set of that photoshoot.Hayley: Yeah, we talked to them for 2 ½ hours, yet all he wrote was narrative stuff we did and how we looked like. So I would like to tell journalists to just listen intently!Britishrock: I sure will and thank you for the interview!Courtesy of

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