Blood Painted Roses *Part 11*

We’re sorry, theres a lot of dialogue. =D ENJOY!! Hayley’s P.O.VIt was the first week of February and you know what that means. It was the night my favorite band plays at ‘Club Emergency.’ The same words that Tay said kept going through my head. *Flashback*“Ok, Joe has got our first caller. Are you still there?”“Yeah I’m still here.” I screamed into the phone. But I couldn’t hear myself on the radio. Actually, I couldn’t hear the guy on the phone either. I hope he didn’t….“I guess caller #27 didn’t want those tickets.” he said sarcastically. “Well I guess we’re going to the next caller.”My chest was heaving and I felt anger building up inside of me. I could hear nothing but the almost silent sound of my molars grinding against each other, until….“Oh my god!!! Am I on the air? Is this Tay from KXRK 103.9?!” a ditzy over-excited caller bursted.“Why yes it is, ha-ha, and you are? Tay said.“This is Neesha! From Downtown Chicago…so did I win?!?!?!?“Yeah you won 2 tickets to Club Emergency! Congrats! So who are you going to take?”“My bestie Candice!!” AHHHHH!!! I still can’t believe I won!” She was really starting to get under my skin..“That’s hardcore…just stay on the line so we can get your info.”“OK!!”“Nooooo!!” I screamed in to the phone.” *End of Flashback*“Earth to Hayley.” said my boss as he waved his hand in my face.“Huh? Yeah..sorry. What?.” I asked coming back to reality.“You daydreaming on the job?”“What? No! I-I’m just bummed that I didn’t win those FOB tickets.” I responded.“Come on, there’s going to be plenty more concerts.” he said assuring me “You’re probably right.” I said jumping off the chair. “I better start unpacking those band shirts.” I really didn’t feel like doing anything. I just couldn’t believe I wasn’t going!“I’ll do it.” said my boss. “Just go home.”“Really?” I asked.“Yep.”“Thanks..I guess.” I said. “I’ll see you.”“Adios.”I put my Fall Out Boy hoodie on and left Hot Topic. I pictured the girl who won the tickets….I think her name was Neesha, jumping up and down at the concert. I bet she and her friend will be all up on Pete Wentz. Those lucky b***hes. “Hayley!” I heard someone scream.“Huh?” I said turning my head. To my surprise it was Adam. He was the last person I expected to see tonight. “What are you doing here?” I asked him as I was walked to him and his car.“Nothing….just chillin.” he said as he crossed his arms and leaned back against his car.“Chillin?” “Yeah, can’t a guy chill?”“Of-course.” I said laughing What was he doing here?“Sooo, watcha doin’ tonight?” asked Adam.“I don’t know, probably sleep.” I responded.“No, you’re not.”Am I missing something here? What was he talking about?“I’m not?” I asked confused.“Nope, get in the car, I have a surprise for you.” he said opening the car door for me.“What is it?”“Well if I told it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?” said Adam.I guess it wouldn’t but what could he possibly surprise me with? I replied by just nodding my head.Adam closed my door and hopped into the drivers. Adam’s P.O.V“Just sit back and relax.” I told Hayley.I wanted to tell her about the tickets but I think surprising her would be better. I turned on the radio hoping to find some something good but all I got was news, news, and more news.“Where are my tunes?” I said as I kept searching for something entertaining.“Here put this on.” said Hayley handing me a c.dShe handed me a ‘LostProphets’ c.d which was freakin’ hardcore.“Here listen to this song, its one of my favorites.” she said as she scanned for it.The song was ‘Rooftops’. It was such an amazing song.“Standing on the rooftops, everybody scream your heart out…” sang Hayley under her breath. “So, where are we going?”“Someplace.” I said simply.“….And where is this ‘someplace’?” she asked.“You’re really stubborn. You know.”Tell me something I don’t know.” she said giggling.I drove for about 20 minutes. I decided to park at least 10 minutes away from the club so Hayley wouldn’t be suspicious. I didn’t want her to find out just yet.“Adam, where the hell are we?” she asked as she got out of the car.“Come on, I wanna show you something.” I said as I started to walk through a dark alley.It was the only shortcut I knew to get to the club.“I’m not going in there.” she said taking a step back.I didn’t get it. She always goes through that alley to get to that rooftop we settled that little ‘war’ we had.“Why not?” I asked walking towards her.“Well you never know, someone can pop out and rape me.” she said crossing her arms.“Yeah Hayley, someone’s gonna pop out and rape you when I’m right next to you.” I said sarcastically.The show started in 45 minutes and if we don’t hurry there won’t be any room left. I know Hayley wouldn’t like standing all the way in the back.“Okay, but lets go around the building.” she said concerned.“Umm no.” I replied. “It will take too much time.”“Fine..I’ll go around the building.” she said turning her back and walking away.I couldn’t take this anymore, she kept acting like a 5 year old. I ran after her, grabbed her bridal style and ran down the alley.“Adam! What are you doing!? Put me down!” Hayley’s P.O.VI turn my back not even for a second and I find myself being carried by Adam“Adam! What are you doing!? Put me down!” I yelled into his ear.His tight grip carried me all the way down the alley. Once there he gently put me down.“You jackass, what the f**k is your problem?”“Hayley….”“No, don’t Hayley me….” I tried saying“Hayley, shut up and turn around.” said Adam.I turned to see a club that looked like if it was broken in half, it wasn’t though, the whole theme of the club was to make it seem like if there was a crash or something like that. On the front of the club it said ‘Club Emergency’ with a big red cross in between and on the side it said ‘Fall Out Boy Tonite-SOLD OUT!’“….But how did you…” I tried saying “…get the tickets?” said Adam finishing my sentence.“Yeah.”“Well I saw how bummed you got when you lost the tickets and so around midnight they had another contest, so I called……” said Adam trying to explain.“Wait, that was you.”“What do you mean?” asked Adam raising his left eye-brow at me.“I called in around that time too.”“Ha-ha really? Well at least one of us got the tickets.”“Seriously…but thank you.” I said punching him hard on his shoulder.“Oww, a simple ‘thank you’ could have done.” he said rubbing his shoulder.“Sorry. Lets go.” I said pulling his shirt. Adam’s P.O.VAt the entrance of the club was a guy asking for names and I.D’s.“Name?” said the buff, 6’4 guy not even looking at me.“Adam Breech.” I stated.“Sorry, you’re not on the list…..Mr.Wentz, why aren’t you getting dressed instead of messing around?” said the guy.“Excuse me?” I asked confused.How can this dude seriously believe I’m Pete Wentz. I mean a couple months ago a 15 year old girl asked me for my autograph thinking I was the Pete. I really didn’t see the resemblance between us.“Come on..I’ll escort you and your little lady to your dressing room.” he said taking the rope off the pole and letting us in.“Adam…” whispered Hayley.“Shhh.”“We’ll go through the back so your fans won’t go crazy like they always do.” said the guy as he led as to the back of the club.“Thanks…umm…” I said“Matt.”Matt took us through the back so my ‘fans’ wouldn’t kill me. I still couldn’t believe this dude still believed I was Pete Wentz. Hopefully we won’t get in any trouble. Hayley’s P.O.VI couldn’t believe what was going on. Matt thought Adam was Pete. I mean Adam does kinda resemble Pete but why would Adam keep going with this lie.“I’m not allowed to be backstage so just take a left around this corner and your dressing room will be the one with your name on it.” said Matt. “Thanks Matt.” said Adam.“Your welcome…umm Pete I don’t wanna be rude or anything but can I ask you something” asked Matt rubbing his bald head.“Shoot.”“Did you get taller because last time I saw you in Chicago you were pretty short?”“Umm…yeah actually I did….it’s cause…umm…I drink a lot of milk.” retorted Adam. “You see, you stop growing at 25..I think…so yeah that’s why.”“…I thought you were 27?” asked Matt.“I am? I-I mean I am.” said Adam. “Sorry, I’m just a little nervous for the show.”“No prob…good luck.” said Matt and walked away.Adam’s a dumbass, he almost got caught. I don’t even understand why we are lying, I mean Adam did win those tickets. I didn’t like lying. I wasn’t good at it either. I know our little ‘covers’ aren’t going to make it to the end of the night.“Adam, we should go get seats for the show.” I told Adam concerned.“We can’t leave now, we just got a chance of a last time, we should take advantage of it.” he said calmly as if what we were going was nothing.“What? We can’t.” I stated“Oh come on you know you want to into Pete’s dressing room.” he said mockingly. “Please.”Adam was doing the sad puppy face. I’m a sucker for them. Ahhh I know I’m going to regret this later.“Fine.”We walked for 1 minute until we came to a stop. It was Pete Wentz dressing room. I took a deep breath.“What are you waiting for? Open it!” said Adam forcefully.I turned the door knob hoping not to find Pete or any of the other members…But thankfully he wasn’t in there. Adam and I walked into the dressing room like nothing. I couldn’t help but touch everything. I couldn’t believe I was in ‘Pete Wentz’s dressing room.’ “Hey! There’s a bathroom in here.” yelled Adam.“Whoopee.” I said sarcastically. “Umm..Adam do you mind getting out of the bathroom, I need it and stop messing with the toilets, it seems like you never seen a toilet flush.”“Oh my bad.” Adam’s P.O.VAs Hayley used the bathroom, I decided to sit and wait for her, that’s when all of a sudden the door knob turned and someone came in.“What are you doing in my dressing room?” asked Pete Wentz curiously.“Sorry.” I said getting up from the chair. “I-I..”“You what? You think you can barge into someone’s dressing room without asking?”“Look dude, chill…okay?”That’s when Hayley came out of the bathroom.“Adam, we should probably leave before Pete comes…” said Hayley shocked as she saw one her idol’s face.“Look Pete, we didn’t mean to invade your room” I said but something told me he wasn’t listening. “Well…hello there.” he said walking towards Hayley and putting his hand out so she could shake it.“Hi…I’m such a big fan of yours…I own like 3 Clandestine hoodies. Sorry that was totally random.” said Hayley laughing and shaking his hand.“uhhh, Its okay.” he said laughing. “If you guys don’t mind me asking…. Why are you guys in my dressing room?“Oh well…it’s a long story…It was started when a guy named Matt thought Adam here was you….” explained Hayley.Pete couldn’t help but laugh at the story and was cool with the whole thing.“Well Adam, we do have a resemblance ….don’t you think?” he asked me.“Not really.” I replied.“I do.” said Hayley.“You do?” I asked.“Well, you guys have the same eyes, nose, eye-brows, and smile.”“Don’t forget, I’m a tad taller.” I responded“Ha-ha, very funny.” said Pete sarcastically. “So are you two….a couple?”“Us? No!” stated Hayley. “We’re just friends…right Adam?”“Right.”“Cooool.” said Pete as he put his arm around Hayely. “So, you guys want to meet the rest of the band?”“Of-course.” said Hayley. “Yeah….sure.” I responded without any enthusiasm I don’t know but once Pete put his arm around Hayley….I felt a bit of jealously. Does this mean I like Hayley? No, that can’t happen….could it?

****So there you go part 11. well we weren’t going to post but I guess some people really wanted it lol. Im really sorry theres a lot of dialogue.We hope you guys liked it..Sorry if there is any mistakes.****