Hayley Williams For MAC

Paramore‘s front girl Hayley Williams has a brand spanking new collaboration with MAC cosmetics! She just revealed this signature orange lipstick as a sneak peak…

Hayley Williams New Tattoo.

Hayley Williams Hair Through the Years

Hayley Williams is known for her brightly colored hair. Hayley has tried many shades of red and orange over the years as well as other shades like hot pink, dark purple, and bleach blonde. Here is a timeline of Hayley’s many hair colors.

Happy 23rd Birthday Hayley Williams

Today, December 27, marks Hayley Williams’ birthday. As a tribute, here are some fun facts, videos, and photos of the birthday girl herself. Enjoy!

-Hayley was born in Meridian, Mississippi.

<img src="http://img.buzznet.com/assets/imgx/2/0/7/1/3/7/9/6/orig-20713796.jpg"…

My Top 16 Most Beautiful Women (2011)

My Top 16 Most Beautiful Women… in no particular order.
1. Audrey Kitching

Name: Audrey Kitching (Scene name: Twigg Violence)

Occupation: Model/ spokesperson/ blogger (for Buzznet)

Why I like her: Her pink hair, animal rights activist, great personalith


Blood Painted Roses *Part 11*

                                                                                   We’re sorry, theres a lot of dialogue. =D                                                               ENJOY!!                                                                                                                  Hayley’s P.O.VIt was the first week of February and you know what that means. It was the night my favorite band plays at …

Blood Painted Roses: *Part 9*

                          Blood Painted Roses: *Part 9*   *****This part is for neeshaxcrazy, cuz she has literally been going crazy for this to actually be posted. Well here it is, so enjoy! =D We love you!!…

Blood Painted Roses *Part 8*

                                    *Hayley’s P.O.V*

I decided to take a bus to Adam’s house. I didn’t have a clear clue as to where it was located, but the bus…

Josh and Zac Farro singing Backstreet Boys with some tour manager!!

HAHAHAHAHA I adore josh and zac, they make backstreet boys krunk!! josh forgets the words in the middle lol

A Moment With You and Words

Hayley from Paramore posted a jornal entry on Livejournal recently, and thanks to Paramorefans it is posted for you all to see. It was amazing and a big eye-opener. Words can’t describe that properly. But…

Blood Painted Roses *Part 7*

                                          *Flash Back-Hayley’s P.O.V*The mall was kinda empty, surprisingly. I wonder where everyone was?                                             *Adam’s P.O.V*”Good game! Good game my man!” Dean said talking off his helmet”Thanks dude. Man, we’re an awesome team! We slaughtered…

Blood Painted Roses *Part 6*

                                                   *Hayley’s P.O.V* “Do you need some ice for that burn?” said Adam’s big-boned, steroid-talking football player friend. I should have known.What was I thinking? He just dissed me! I’m stupid for thinking his attitude…

Alert to all readers!!

There is a b*tch by the name of  lulubelle87, that has copy/pasted the journal hayley (Blood Painted Roses Part 4) wrote in her notebook. Ours is the real one. We’ve never had to deal with…


our very own Annette wrote this very powerful poem..don’t think that she coppied for any reason okay…her work is 100 percent original. =](this poem was from Blood Painted Roses *Part 4*)Time can pass me by,…

Blood Painted Roses *Part 5*

                                              *Adam’s P.O.V*  (Beep, Beep)I Woke up to the most annoying alarm sound ever.”Man, morning again.” I said shaking my head from side to sideI stood up from my messy bed and strectched my body….

Blood Painted Roses *Part 4*

*Hayley’s POV* With that he released himself, then reached into my back pocket for my wallet. “Thanks.” He took around five dollar bills and threw the wallet on my bed. He exited out my room normally….

Blood Painted Roses *Part 3*

*Adam’s POV*
I didn’t feel bad when I spoke to her like that, but it came to me after. How could I be such a jerk? I really don’t know what came over me.
Football practice didn’t…

Blood Painted Roses *Part 2*

*Adam’s POV*
“Hayley Stevens?” Silence. “Hayley Stevens?” Mrs. Patterson said this time taking her eyes off the screen.
“I guess she’s ab-” Mrs. Patterson was cut short.
“Here.” A girl with short bright red hair and heavy black…

Blood Painted Roses *Part 1*

New characters people, new personalities, more fun to write! Enjoy!
*Adam’s POV*
The first day of second semester is about to begin. My life is nothing more than surprises. I wonder what’s in store for me?
“So how…

Blood Painted Roses ***Prologue

Blood Painted Roses: Prologue

***New fanfic, hope you all like it as much as we do. It may seem a little slow right now, but we promise it gets exciting later. We write for…

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