Tina’s Top 5 Most Memorable VMA Performances

Today is the day! The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards air tonight, and like every year, I am buzzing with excitement! This is the night…

Pharrell & His Famous Hat Join “The Voice”!

Fortunately for us, we can continue to smile and be happy at the fact that the musical genius and mogul Pharrell Williams has officially signed on to be a judge on the popular singing competition…

Just Dance: Pop Edition

Ever dance around your room to Britney Spears with pigtails in and sing into your hairbrush? No? Me neither!

JK I SO DID and I know you did too!

Get Inspired: Exclusive Interview With ‘The Voice’ Finalist Jamar Rogers

Life can be a rollercoaster. You have your ups and you have your downs that make you feel like nothing is worth it. The reason this happens is because life is testing you, it is…

Celebrities That Shouldn’t Wear Cornrows

I’m getting ready to head to Miami and live the island life for a few weeks! With that being said I will NOT be getting cornrows. Some of these celebs should of thought the same thing at some point! WHO ROCKS THEM THE BEST?

Beyonce Gate: 5 Other Live Performers Who Should Have Lip-Synced

This week there has been some controversy revealing Beyonce was lip-syncing her performance at President Obama’s second inauguration. We don’t want to believe it! Beyonce blew us all away, but the news…

BUZZNET Exclusive: ‘The Voice’ Cast Gush Over Cassadee Pope (VIDEO)

The Voice season three has come to an end! Last night Cassadee Pope was honored with the prestigious title and record contract with Universal Republic. Buzznet was there for…

Whose Music Will We Remember In The Next 30 Years?

Lately, I’ve been record shopping hoping to gain some inspiration for future blog post. I could spend hours just flipping through racks, looking at all the old classics. I stumbled across this one section that…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Christina Aguilera On Dez Duron’s ‘The Voice’ Elimination (VIDEO)

Last night on The Voice America and Coach Christina Aguilera, had to say goodbye to Dez Duron. The talented college student had an amazing run on the show and quickly became…

These Celebs Are Thankful For Their Family

If there is anything I could be thankful today it is for my family. I unfortunately don’t get to see them today but it doesn’t mean I am not thankful beyond words to have them in my life. I put together a gallery of some of our favorite celebrities who are also thankful for their… More »

AMA’s Best Blondes!

Hello my loves! While watching the AMA’s I spotted some fabulous blondes and a lot of them! I loved looking at all the different shades of blonde, different cuts and styles! Some may call us “dumb blondes, but these light haired ladies sure prove them all wrong. All these beauties are looking great as a… More »

Full List Of 2012 American Music Award Nominations Are Here!

This morning Christina Aguilera announced the nominations for the 40th American Music Awards! We’re not too surprised by who made the cut, for the most part.

Fan favorites One Direction, Rihanna and Carly Rae Jepsen walked away with…

Which Celebrity Halloween Costume Takes The Cake?

Check out all these photos of celebrities on past Halloween costumes…who’s outfit takes the cake? Heidi Klum definitely knows how to go all out.. Which costume is your favorite? xoxo

Record Rewind: The Best of 1999

Record Rewind! I love listening to music hits of the past so let’s taking a trip back to 1999. All of these songs were number one singles for various weeks back in 1999; do you remember…

Kelly Osbourne Slams Christina Aguilera’s Weight… Again!

What ever Christina Aguilera said to Kelly Osbourne years ago must have made quite the impact on Kelly … in the worst way possible! Kelly, who was on E!’s…

The Voice Exclusive: Christina Aguilera Talks Beauty, Adam Levine Dishes On Steve Nicks Bribes & Ryan Tedder’s White Jeans!

Last night one of my rock n’ roll dreams came true. There I was, lil’ old me, standing in my tiny space waiting to interview the winner of NBC’s The Voice Javier, and runner…

Watch Keltie Colleen Make The Stars of The Voice Do ‘The Mick Jagger Dance’ on the Red Carpet

Everyone is talking about The Voice. People are buying Dia + Javier’s singles on itunes like mad. I personally have been online shopping for a big red chair that turns…

Jessica: Just Leave Me Alone!

Filed under: Let’s Get This Party The cracks are really starting to show in embattled pop princess Jessica Simpson’s ever-more-fragile psyche – and her physiology as well. In London last week, Jess fled the… from

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