Watch Keltie Colleen Make The Stars of The Voice Do ‘The Mick Jagger Dance’ on the Red Carpet

Everyone is talking about The Voice. People are buying Dia + Javier’s singles on itunes like mad. I personally have been online shopping for a big red chair that turns around only when someone says something I like (no luck yet.) I begged Buzznet to send me to The Voice taping in LA. They did! It was everything I could have ever hoped for. Great catering. Adam Levine avoiding me singing his new single at the top of my lungs. Frenchie Davis + I geeking out over Broadway Musicals. Blake Shelton dancing with a Mick Jagger face I crafted out of my kitchen spatula.

I am not a big fan of tv. I am however a fan of what this show stands for. Not giving up. Second chances. A realistic version of beauty.

and then there is Blake Shelton dancing with my Mick Jagger face….

If you didn’t catch The Voice last night and see Adam Levine and Christina’s debut “Moves Like Jagger voila:

What am I wearing? Check it here.