Get Inspired: Exclusive Interview With ‘The Voice’ Finalist Jamar Rogers

Life can be a rollercoaster. You have your ups and you have your downs that make you feel like nothing is worth it. The reason this happens is because life is testing you, it is challenging you to show you just how much you can acheive. I am a strong believer of never giving up, anything is possible.

I got the pleasure of doing an interview with someone you may recognize from The Voice, who has inspired me through his story. This extremely talented man goes by the name of Jamar Rogers. He has had quite the journey and is still fighting to be the best he can be. I feel like once you get to know him better, you too will also have hope.

Read his interview below and of course listen to his incredible voice!

Describe your sound in three words

JR: Soul, emotional and redemptive.

Who has been your biggest influence throughout your music career?

JR: Ray Charles, Otis Redding and Crystal Lewis (Christian singer. I used to sing her songs at church when I was a wee lad. Before my voice changed, of course.)

How do you feel you stand out amongst other artists in your genre?

JR: I actually feel what I’m singing and that, in turn, makes the listener feel it.

If you could put together your dream tour who would be on it?

JR: I’d love to tour with Mumford. That would be so rad. I also wouldn’t mind touring with Coldplay or Cold War Kids or U2. I dream big.

What is one song you’ve heard so far in 2013 that you wish you wrote?

JR: I know it’s not a 2013 song, but damn I wish I would’ve written Miguel‘s “Adorn”.

What are your main goals musically for 2013?

JR: Musically, I want to show what post-Voice success looks like. I also want to introduce people to what I’m calling “chain-gang music”. It sounds exactly like you imagine it. Bluesy rock, hints of gospel with elements of Negro spirituals. It’s 2013, can I say Negro? If not, then I guess it has elements of slave music. That’s probably not very PC either.

What is the best advice you can give someone trying to follow in your footsteps?

JR: Don’t. Ever. Give. Up.

You have quite the story from your past til now, how has that helped shape you are today?

JR: My past influences my writing and the way I emote when I’m singing. But it’s also influenced how I treat people, how I view them. I think my past has made me more measured and cautious but also very compassionate.

How was your experience on The Voice?

JR: The Voice was a life-changer. It literally made some of my dreams reality- meeting and performing with CeeLo, telling my story. But it also opened so many doors. I was able to speak and perform at the International AIDS Conference in DC (Hilary Clinton and other dignitaries were there), I performed in South Africa and have been invited to the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Not too bad for an ex-meth head.

Any last words for your fans and the readers?

JR: I sincerely want to thank everyone that has sent messages and tweets of encouragement. You guys always seem to know what to say. Thank you for love. It’s the greatest gift you can give me.

“My message is that of love and of redemption, that you can put your mind to whatever you want to and I don’t care what it is you have been through. If you are willing to live your best life; you really can do that.” – Jamar Rogers

After reading this and listening, what are your thoughts on Jamar?