Escape The Fate Writing With Patrick Stump

Another day goes by, another Patrick Stump collaboration is revealed. The latest news is that Escape The Fate frontman Craig Mabbitt has tweeted to say that they’re writing a song together.

It’s currently unclear whether the “jam” is being used for his Mabbitt’s solo project or for his post-hardcore band Escape The Fate. One thing’s for sure however is that this musical hook-up has caused some shocked emoticons on Twitter, and appears to have confused @JohnFeldy too, who took to the internet to beg Patrick Stump not to “quit“. “Quit” what exactly wasn’t specified (although somebody might want to tell him that P-Stump’s quit the web already) but perhaps he wants Stump to return to the studio with The King Blues who Feldmann has been producing.

What do you think of the idea of Patrick Stump’s latest collaboration?

Which are you most excited to hear – his work with Kat Graham, The King Blues or Escape The Fate?


EDIT: It is now official that this collaboration is for Escape The Fate’s new album (not Craig Mabbitt’s solo album) after new ETF bassist TJ Bell tweeted the following: