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Escape The Fate Writing With Patrick Stump

Another day goes by, another Patrick Stump collaboration is revealed. The latest news is that Escape The Fate frontman Craig Mabbitt has tweeted

Escape the Fate’s Issues

Escape the Fate released their music video for their single, Issues, yesterday. I watched it five minutes ago. Besides the actual name of the song, there are lots of issues I have with this video…

Brunette vs…. Brunette. Andy Six or Ronnie Radke? And More…

So apparently all popular “alternative” music “heart throbs” are brunette. By brunette I mean naturally brunette; both Ronnie and Andy have dyed their hair black. I’m going with Andy, hands down. I love his nose…

Blessthefall Release First Single, Announce New Singer

Attention Blessthefall fans! I come bearing some AWESOME news — Buzznet is releasing “To Hell And Back,” the first track off the band’s yet-to-be-titled new album. This tune features their shiny new singer,

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