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Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 07] Teaser ’Behind the Scenes of Girl Got A Gun‘

Hello, hello, hello.

Happy Monday, Buzzneters.

It’s time to check the teaser of the new Tokio Hotel TV episode. 

Discover how Tom should be appeared…

Tokio Hotel ‘Girl Got A Gun’ Video Announcement

Yesterday we were all waiting for the second music video from Tokio Hotel‘s Kings Of Suburbia album, as previously announced by the band, but unfortunately we have to…

Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 06] Teaser ’Behind the Scenes of Run, Run, Run‘

Hello Buzzneters,

A new week has come, it’s Monday and this means we’re going to see the teaser of the new Tokio Hotel TV episode.

Britney Spears On Set Of “Perfume” Music Video

Paparazzi caught Britney on set of her Criminal 2.0 “Perfume” music video shoot on Monday, capturing these special moments. Britney posted this photo on Facebook of her kissing her Jason Trawick look-a-like during her “Perfume” music video shoot today. Filming continues through Thursday. Britney revealed director Joseph Kahn (“Stronger,” “Womanizer”) is filming her new “Perfume”… More »

New Tokio Hotel Video On Facebook

After the little Tom’s sneak peek saying the first letter of one of the new songs on BTK, Tokio Hotel posted on FB this new video and I completly melted down! Oh God, I really can’t stop watching!!!! There are also cameramen and I think they are filming for Tokio Hotel TV or for new… More »

Get A Sneak Peek Of Taylor Swift’s RED Tour

Taylor Swift kicked off her RED Tour in Omaha, Nebraska this week playing to a sold out crowd. The country/pop starlet stated…

Will.I.Am Featuring Britney Spears Scream & Shout Clip Leak

What appears to be a clip from Will.I.Am and Britney’s new song, “Scream & Shout” leaked Sunday morning after some sources revealed few details about the music video

Tonight’s The X Factor Preview

A new preview for tonight’s The X Factor hit the net, and shows Britney letting down a few of the younger contestants, Reed and Beatrice (so we think). It’s cool to see her mentor these kids, but unfortunately there’s only one X Factor winner. She comes across pretty forward but concerned. Do you think Reed… More »

Will.I.Am & Britney Spears ‘Scream & Shout’ Music Video Sneak Peek

Check out a few sneak peeks of Britney on her “Scream & Shout” music video! Are you excited for this new music video?

Sneak Peek Of Miley Cyrus On ‘Two And A Half Men’… From Miley Herself!

When we heard that Miley Cyrus was making her return to TV, we couldn’t be more thrilled! We haven’t really seen the former Disney teen queen on TV since her…

New Judges House X Factor Clip

A new clip of Britney talking to Will.I.Am from The X Factor judges house edition hit Will thinks one of the contestants has ~the X factor~ and Brit, agrees, adding she likes to watch him perform. Check it out! Tune into FOX at 8pm for a new episode of The X Factor tonight!

New Judges House Sneak Peek Featuring Laughney

Check out this new footage from The X Factor Judge’s House edition of Brit and Will.I.Am talking about one of the contestants. Will describes one of the contestants which gives Brit a good laugh. Check it out!

Sneak Peek Of ‘The Glee Project’: Who’s Getting Frustrated?

The Glee Project competition is well underway this season, with seven contestants down and seven contestants remaining in the competition. Last week, the contestants worked on their theatricality…

Sneak Peek Clip: Which ‘Glee Project’ Contender Can’t Keep Up?

If there’s one thing we love about The Glee Project it’s how diverse the show is: from the contestants to the themes every week, there’s just so much variety. Last…

Buzznet Exclusive: The Glee Project Contenders Talk Bullying

If you’ve been keeping up with this second season of The Glee Project, you definitely know what’s going on with the contestant hopefuls vying for a once-in-a-lifetime oportunity…

Buzznet Exclusive: ‘The Glee Project’ Contenders Relive Bullying Experiences

If you’ve been keeping up with this second season of The Glee Project, you definitely know what’s going on with the contestant hopefuls vying for a once-in-a-lifetime oportunity…

Vampire Diaries Season Finale Sneak Peeks

This Thursday, May 10, the season finale of the Vampire Diaries will air which is titled – “The Departed.”

In two recent clips that were released, we get to see parts of…

New Britney Song Leak Snippet: ‘This Kiss’

A new song clip which sounds a lot like Britney, leaked on Exhale titled “This Kiss.” Check it out!

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears Twister Dance Backstage & Interview

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Far East Movement feat. Bill Kaulitz – “If I Die Tomorrow” – Preview

Here are the lyrics of Bill’s vocal part: “If I die tomorrow, at least we had the night of our lives…if tomorrow never comes…then tonight we lose control”. What do you think about it? Personally I thought to something like this knowing a bit Far East Movement, for now it’s just a sneak peek but… More »

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