Vampire Diaries Season Finale Sneak Peeks

This Thursday, May 10, the season finale of the Vampire Diaries will air which is titled – “The Departed.”

In two recent clips that were released, we get to see parts of what will happen.

In the first clip, it shows Elena and Matt together most likely after Elena has woken up from hitting her head and having blood drained out of her entire body. Elena asks Matt where everyone is and Matt says that Tyler and Caroline are with their mothers which probably means that there’s trouble for those two. I mean, Alaric did pretty much reveal to the entire council that Sherrif Forbes and Carol Lockwood have supernatural children. After that Elena realizes it’s sophomore year and how much everything has changed and decides to apologize to Matt for stringing him along those days. She knows that this is what she is doing to Stefan and Damon now and decides that she will have to let one of them go. Matt asks her “Which one?” but before she can answer, Stefan walks in! Darn! Wait, could that be a sign? That either means Stefan is the one she will let go or the one she will keep because she then gives him a very warm hug afterwards.

In the second clip, it’s Damon and Bonnie (yay for Bamon!), seems like Damon is still Team Bonnie. They are both on their way to a storage locker where Klaus‘ coffin is. Damon says he didn’t use the obvious 666 number but instead chose 1020. This storage has a mini-fridge, couple bird cages, box of old playboys and of course a “one beef-jerkified Orginal.” We then see the coffin, looks like they didn’t decide to throw him in the lake after all.

In the season finale, Damon will also find himself in a difficult position when Alaric forces him to tell him where Klaus‘ body is by beating him. And when I say beating him, I mean really badly. Ian Somerhalder says about the finale, “I was getting my ass kicked. The last shot of the finale of the show, [I’m] just getting beaten down. I got my ass kicked a lot in that episode. It’s pretty bloody.”

These two clips get me so excited!! I can’t wait 😀

How excited are you? Who do you think Elena will choose, Stefan or Damon?