Far East Movement feat. Bill Kaulitz – “If I Die Tomorrow” – Preview

Here are the lyrics of Bill’s vocal part: “If I die tomorrow, at least we had the night of our lives…if tomorrow never comes…then tonight we lose control”.

What do you think about it?

Personally I thought to something like this knowing a bit Far East Movement, for now it’s just a sneak peek but Bill’s voice is damned twist with autotune and I don’t like it! Bill has an awesome voice and a great vocal spreading and his music style is completely different to this one, this song doesn’t show how much talented he is!

I think this is only something for put FEM in a brighter light, for this reason they choose Bill for the collaboration… since they know he is a guarantee. Absolutely I won’t buy the album, since I don’t like FEM but probably if this “song” comes out like single, I will spend few euros for it.

All of you know how much I love Bill and Tokio Hotel, but this is completely out of their world.

I haven’t nothing against Bill, absolutely. How could I? Simply for now, this song didn’t catch my attention, even though the first lyric verse are amazing