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12 Parks & Recreation Quotes To Get You Through The Week

Parks & Recreation was truly one of the best TV shows ever. The quotes from that show can live on and on forever and honestly, they’re kind of essential to getting through this post-election, pre-Thanksgiving week. Here are 12 glorious Parks & Recreation quotes that will help you endure the rest of the week: When… More »

Question of the Day: Do People Dislike You?

I was going to “hate” but that word is bananas. One time, when I was small, I said I hated something and then I was corrected because according to this person, hating something meant that…

It’s Awesomely Amazing Parks and Rec. Clip Time!

Yes, Parks and Recreation was all new last night, and let me just say best Ron Swanson moment thus far! We were also introduced to “Snake Juice”, it’s like Kahlua, but…

Parks & Recreation GIF Recap: Leslie Knope’s Centaur-iffic ‘Chestal Region’

It’s that time of the week again, when the NBC Gods shine down upon us and offer up another hilarious episode of Parks and Recreation. Did I mention Thursday…

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