12 Parks & Recreation Quotes To Get You Through The Week

Parks & Recreation was truly one of the best TV shows ever. The quotes from that show can live on and on forever and honestly, they’re kind of essential to getting through this post-election, pre-Thanksgiving week. Here are 12 glorious Parks & Recreation quotes that will help you endure the rest of the week:

When you’re trying to figure out what to do with that hunk that’s not exactly boyfriend material:

When everyone at work simply will not leave you alone:

When you realize being grown up is kind of lame:

When you’re trying to get wild and order whatever the F you want because YOLO:

When you’re staring at your bank statement, but you’re also trying to shop away the post-election chaos with new shoes:

When you have no game, but you’re going to get yours regardless:

When you’re trying to lock it down for life:

When you can’t find the strength to hit the gym:

When you’re trying your best to stay out of the social media drama:

When you question how amazing and powerful and dope you are:

When you can’t handle the cyber bullies:

When you’re counting down the minutes to happy hour: