Question of the Day: Do People Dislike You?

I was going to “hate” but that word is bananas. One time, when I was small, I said I hated something and then I was corrected because according to this person, hating something meant that you disliked something so much that you wanted to throw up. That definition, although incorrect, has always stuck with me.

Ron Swanson probably hates me.

I can see why people wouldn’t like me. It happens and I am kind of whatever about it. Maybe if I was in high school I would be bent out of shape about it but I’m not so there. I don’t like talking to people (unless it’s on the internet) I don’t know and since I am prone to not really paying attention to anything, ever, I probably come off as rude.

This is not me at night.

So sure, maybe people do dislike me. I am fine with that. I like to think of myself as an onion. You know, you have to peel my crusty shell off and once you open me up, you will see that I am so beautiful that you will be moved to tears. If you are going to have an opinion about me and not try to find anything out for yourself, well, you can:

Do people dislike you? Do you care?

That is all. Bye.