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Holiday Hair Inspiration: Green and Red Hair For Christmas!

With the holidays coming up, what better to get you in the spirit than some awesomely vibrant hair inspiration? I’m totally feeling some major Christmas vibes and dyed my hair a deep shade of forest green last week. Not everyone is as impulsive with their hair color (dye lasts a while), so for the rest… More »

Blogger Style: Katie Shelton

I adore her blog is super cute, also has a very unique style and vintage, is a brand of stuffed animals that she makes under the name Skunkboy,she makes tituriales hairstyles and is happily married and has two daughters. her blog://

Style Inspiration: Olivia Harrison

She’s one of my favorite girls in That’s her style a mix of Goth /Bad-ass 80’s punk /90’s grunge chick with an extraordinary doll face + red hair that kills me.

Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam

How embarassing the amount of time since I last posted something is.

This has happened.

What’s Red, Blonde, And Awesome All Over? Miley Cyrus’ New Hair!

Stop playing with my emotions Miley Cyrus. It’s like, I try and keep up with who you are and what you’re all about, like in YOUR soul, but you…

Hair Update

I know I haven’t blogged in forever, but here’s a quick update for my hair. I’m gonna be dying my hair “Pillarbox Red” by Manic Panic. I really hope it looks…

Rihanna Anyone?

I’ve been seeing a lot of Rihanna lately for some reason, which is certainly not a bad thing. I love her so much! Her music is really fun, and upbeat;…

New Hair!!

I dyed my hair red!! Like it? I used Garner Fructis Ultra Color for dark hair in Intense Red Auburn!!!

Red Hair

Lately, red hair has been showing up everywhere! Why not jump on the bandwagon and go red too? It’s a beautiful color, and nearly anyone can pull it off!

Whether you want it to…

Scarlett Red Locks

I love this hair color so much! Its a mix of hot pink and red, perfect.


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