Red Hair

Lately, red hair has been showing up everywhere! Why not jump on the bandwagon and go red too? It’s a beautiful color, and nearly anyone can pull it off!

Whether you want it to look more natural, or super bright, I recommend going red for at least a few months!

***Some red I suggest you look at:***

-Garnier Nutrisse (available at drug stores, usually under $10. Garnier has amazing dye, and lots of shades. Most of the reds are under Nutrisse, not HerbaShine.)//

-Splat (sold in drug stores, usually under $10. Splat is great long lasting, bright and intense permanent color. You may want to purchase bleach before dying your hair this color because there may not be enough in the kit. Also, please note that this dye DRIPS and STAINS, so BE CAREFUL!) //

-Raw Demi- Permanent (available at Hot Topic, $12.99. This is a great, semi-permament bright dye. Bleach hair before using.) //

-Manic Panic (available at Sally Beauty Supply, or other beauty supply stores, usually under $10. I suggest bleaching your hair first, and for a natural, dark red color, try Vampire Red.) //

Be sure to research “red hair care” before dying your hair. It doesn’t seem like it, but red hair can be very hard to maintain (especially if it is very bright). Try a more natural red first, and if you can handle it, then try a bright, more intense red. It is A LOT of work, and you need to have the time and patience (and money) to take care of it. Good luck!

“Red Hair Care”- advice from xsparkage //