Fall Out Boy And Two Chainz Join Forces At Coachella

It is Saturday, April 20, and we are thrilled to be able to experience Coachella for a second weekend! Today, we were extra excited to see Fall Out Boy perform. During Fall Out Boys song, ‘My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)’ rapper Two Chainz came out and rapped over… More »

Coachella Weekend 2 Style Guide

We have had a bunch of amazing Coachella posts here on Buzznet all week so I wanted to make a style guide for this weekend! Whether you’re having fun in the sun at Coachella or just trying to get some style inspiration…take a look at this gallery! What look is YOUR favorite?

Passion Pit Bring The Dance Vibes At Coachella

Passion Pit sure know how to put on a show, from the dancing tunes like “Sleepyhead” to front man Michael Angelakos incredible vocals. I had a blast capturing this band on Coachella’s main stage. Take a look at my photos and comment on your favorite!

Dani’s Must See Bands At Coachella

The past weekend I was in LA and couldn’t help seeing a social media post of almost all my friends in the desert in a…

Boohoo Festival Look Book

This coming weekend I am going to Coachella aka the mecca of festival fashion! I will definitely be taking tons of photos of all the different styles I come across this coming weekend. When attending an all day outdoor festival like this, you want to be as comfy as possible and all of Boohoo’s pieces… More »

Hey! There’s Art & Stuff @ Coachella!

Besides the music that is all over Coachella, there are art installations all over the park. They make for really neat things to stare at as you contemplate your life choices. They also make for really cool photo opps and photos to take with weird settings so you can write your fave lyrics on and… More »

The Lumineers @ Coachella

This band from Denver, Colorado is kind of folky but in the good way. I remember they played a song that they said was written by Saw Mill Joe or someone and everyone was singing along.

GRIMES @ Coachella

I had only heard of GRIMES from a mixtape that one of my lovers gave me a while back and I remember just being kind of like whatever about her. After watching her perform at Coachella, I’ll defs be giving GRIMES another turn in my earholes. She was rather animated and ethereal and she wore… More »

Coachella 2013 Street Style

Take a look at what some festival-goers were sporting this weekend at the 2013 Coachella Vally Music and Art Festival. Comment on your favorite look and check out all of our 2013 Coachella coverage!

Puscifer @ Coachella

I didn’t really know what to expect from Maynard Keenan when I went to go and check out Puscifer’s set. I’ve heard of this band only because I like to keep up with all things Tool/A Perfect Circle. I’ve only heard songs here and their but I never really read what happens at their shows…. More »

The Make Up @ Coachella

I can’t remember what I was wandering around for on Saturday but I ended up going to the tent where this band was playing on a whim. I had never heard of them before (which happens a lot to me at Coachella) and I must say, their live performance was probably one of the best… More »

Grizzly Bear @ Coachella

This was my first time seeing Grizzly Bear live. Their set was amazing to watch. The ambience of the stage really complimented their musicianship. They incorporate a lot of different elements of music in their songs like folk, ambient, and rock. Check em out if you get the chance.

Of Monsters & Men @ Coachella

This Icelandic group of folk/pop musicians put on an outstanding show over at the Outdoor Theater on Friday at Coachella.

Metric @ Coachella 2013

I’ve never heard of Metric until Friday, so I am not really sure what to write to here. Anyway, they put on a great show and there was a lot of whispy arm movements + tamborine madness.

Johnny Marr @ Coachella

Hot off the release of The Messenger, Johnny Marr played a set full of classics from The Smiths. We weren’t mad at that.

Celeb Sightings At Coachella

Some of you were having the time of your lives in the desert this weekend while others (like me and Kelley) were crying at home aka “couchella” wishing we were there. This weekend Indio, CA was occupied by music and art lovers alike and plenty of celebs we see on the covers of our favorite… More »

Coachella Day 3: Dancing In The Dark

The mighty Coachella Weekend 1 has come to an end and we sure had a lot of fun.


Phoenix @ The Coachella Stage

Phoenix closed out Saturday at the Coachella Stage to a jam packed crowed. We heard R. Kelly showed up and that made us feel weird because WHAT.

Two Door Cinema Club @ The Outdoor Theater

This is a gallery of Two Door Cinema Club. Dora likes them so I took photos of them. I was very impressed. Also the bass player is haute.

The Violent Femmes @ The Coachella Stage

The Violent Femmes rocked our collective folk punk hearts on Saturday.

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