Coachella Day 3: Dancing In The Dark

The mighty Coachella Weekend 1 has come to an end and we sure had a lot of fun.

Yesterday started off with a must see band for me, The Gaslight Anthem playing the main stage. Gaslight was a nice change of pace after a day of electronic influenced music. They brought some rock and roll back to Coachella. I also caught The Lumineers on the main stage (who had a huge crowd despite it being their fist time playing Coachella); Grimes, Tanlines, Dinosaur Jr., Social Distortion and we wrapped our day up with Vampire Weekend.

Grimes photo by Richard Flores.

I am not sure if I have ever disclosed this on Buzznet, but I love Vampire Weekend.

I was really bummed I wasn’t at SXSW long enough to see them close the festival this year, so yesterday I was excited to catch them play the main stage. Lucky for me they were just as entertaining, charming and handsome as I imagined they would be. One of the reasons I love Vampire Weekends is because of how clever and witty their music is lyrically and melodically – and they delivered it all live.

Photo credit: The Daily Bulletin.

Their set began just as the sun was about to set; so halfway through the valley was under a dark blanket. That’s when the cool lighting and effects kicked in. The production that goes into Coachella is very elaborate and at night everything comes alive. Vampire Weekend’s lighting enhanced the set and projected the energy of their music — and well, it just looked rad! I don’t think I ever stopped dancing! I enjoyed hearing songs off all their albums, including their forthcoming album, Modern Vampires In The City. When they went into hits like “A-Punk” and “Holiday” everyone was dancing in the dark, clapping their hands and singing along. It might have been the most fun I had all weekend.

(Also Paris Hilton decided to do a round in the general admission area with some paparazzi and her sister right when their set started, so there might be some photos of her walking around and me dancing behind her, lol.)

Overall Coachella was three days of live music with the opportunity to see artists who haven’t played together in years, acts I would never ever see under normal circumstances and an opportunity to discover new bands that are working their way up.

I have to admit, it’s a little disappointing to see the festival has also become a huge party where people just want to be “seen.” Where they’re more concerned about getting their photo taken in front of the iconic ferris wheel to upload to Instagram rather than seeing some of the incredible acts Goldenvoice is able to book for the weekend. Please promise me if you ever go you will enjoy all of the fantastic music and art they have put together for you. Those are the experiences you will remember forever. #musicrules.

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