Dani’s Must See Bands At Coachella

The past weekend I was in LA and couldn’t help seeing a social media post of almost all my friends in the desert in a bunch of cute outfits, listening to a ton of awesome bands, enjoying life in the sun and endless pictures of palm trees at Coachella.

I am going this weekend with a fellow Buzznet family member Kate Cordova!! She made an awesome Coachella survival gallery HERE!

I’ve made a daily itinerary of doing a daily blogging, investigating these interesting style trends at this festival and having a damn good time listening to some incredible music under the sun and stars.

Friday: I want to see Modest Mouse! It was the first CD I played in my car when I started driving!

Saturday: DEFINITELY Phoenix because there new album came out that I am a huge fan of, The XX (GAHHHMAZING) The Postal Service I just saw this past week but you can never get enough of them and 2 Chainz.. sorry hahah

Sunday: Pretty Lights because she is so adorable. Eric Prydz because his music video with the girls in the leotards working out is and will forever be EPIC. and Wu Tang… Why Not?

Check out how this awesome video by Eric Prydz

What festival do you want to go to this year?