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Ladies and gentlemen… The Get Up Kids

look who i found

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Bamboozle Left Roll Call!



Who will be there?

Headliners Announced for Bamboozle Left: Fall Out Boy and 50 Cent

SoCal kids have already been stoked on the roster for Bamboozle Left, hitting Irvine on April 4th and 5th. Skipping all that cryptic message biznass, the headliners for both Saturday and Sunday have been announced.

Paper Rival Singer Recalls Playing With Paramore; Admits Love of Boyz II Men

Paper Rivals Dialog hit shelves and your iTunes stores on this fine day. Last week, I got the chance to talk with vocalist
Jacob Rolleston about the release,…

Paramore Talk About Next Record, Ready to Get ‘Heavier’

Yesterday, caught up in all the Paramore Pro-Miley messaging, I neglected to mention their discussion about the direction album numero tres will be headed in.

“We’re going…

One-third of MxPx speaks! An interview with Tom Wisniewski

Did you ever knoooow that you’re my heroooo?[/cut]

A couple days before Bamboozle Left, I found out I had the opportunity to interview MxPx.…

Metro Station Lose Their Festival Virginity


Synth-lovin’ wunderkids Metro Station are a band on the rise. Buzznet got a chance to have a quick chat with them after their performance at <a…

we’re kinda cute

Bamboozle Left ’08 Fan Reports: MCR, Paramore Sets Left Some Roughed-Up


My Bamboozle recaps may have been a little lackluster due to the fact that my ribs were bruised I hadn’t slept well in three days…

Bamboozle Left ’08: My Chem’s ‘Cowboy’ songs; Finch returns


IRVINE, California — Bamboozle Left ’08 day two: Finch made their return, Blaqk Audio brought the dance party,…

Metro Station performing ‘Now That Were Done’ @ Bam Left ’08

– Taken at 12:01 PM on April 06, 2008

Alkaline Trio playing @ Bam Left

– Taken at 6:35 PM on April 05, 2008

Bamboozle Left ’08: Hayley Joins NFG; Fans Riottttt for Paramore!

Day One: The line to get in was literally 2 miles long, and I got there at doors! So sadly, I had to enjoy The Cab from the parking lot (thank goodness they…

Bamboozle Left Vlog: Paramore Pit

Bamboozle Left ’08 New Found Glory & Hayley Williams perform


Bamboozle Left ’08 New Found Glory

taken at 5:49 PM on April 05, 2008 MORE BAMBOOZLE HERE.

‘Take On Me’ performed by Reel Big Fish


Bamboozle Left ’08: Watch Daphne Loves Derby Harmonize

Taken at 1:38 PM on April 05, 2008 For more videos and photos as it is happening join Buzznet in the Bamboozle 2008 Group.

Daphne Loves Derby performing live at Bamboozle Left

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