7 Reaction GIFs to the Game Of Thrones Season Premiere

It’s officially Tuesday. That means you’ve had almost two full days to watch and process the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones. Was it everything you’d been hoping for and more? Perhaps, perhaps not, but the premiere episode did drop some cool bombs and set us up for another season of pure mayhem. In case you watched the episode solo, here are a few GIFs that perfectly explain our united reaction to some main plot points. BTW – this is your #spoileralert warning. If you haven’t watched yet, stop reading and come back in about an hour.

When Arya Poisoned a Room Full of Haters Like it Was NBD

When Sansa Challenged Jon Snow’s Decisions as King of the North

When Cersei Turned Down a Marriage Proposal From the King of the Iron Islands Who Was Randomly Dressed Like a Rock Star

When Ed Sheeran Randomly Showed Up Singing a Tune About Ladies

When Samwell Was Cleaning Bed Pans on Repeat

When The Hound Started Seeing Sh*t in the Flames

When The Queen of Dragons Finally Made it Home