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7 Reaction GIFs to the Game Of Thrones Season Premiere

It’s officially Tuesday. That means you’ve had almost two full days to watch and process the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones. Was it everything you’d been hoping for and more? Perhaps, perhaps not, but the premiere episode did drop some cool bombs and set us up for another season of pure mayhem. In case… More »

10 Reasons We’re Stoked Ed Sheeran Is Back

Ed Sheeran is back, ya’ll! Exactly 59 weeks ago he literally SIGNED OFF from the universe. He wasn’t on social media, hitting red carpets, or doing much of anything besides whatever the F he wanted to do. Honestly, we respect him even more for it. He dropped an amazing record, did all the interviews, all… More »

10 Resolutions We Wish Our Fave Celebs Would Make in 2017

2017 is right around the corner which means everyone is stewing on resolutions for the fresh year. While we all probably default to the usuals… losing weight, exercising more, making more money… wouldn’t it be nice to dream about what some of our favorite celebrities could resolve to do? With that in mind, here are… More »

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets Music Edition #3 Is LOL

Last night the music industry honored its most exceptional artists at the 58th Grammy awards. It was a star-studded night full of surprises, jaw dropping performances, and moments we won’t soon forget. After all the speeches, songs, and red carpet style, fans at home were able to get a serious laugh in over Jimmy Kimmel‘s… More »

Robert Pattinson Says He’d Be Down To Do Another Twilight Movie

Wait…it’s Thursday? Yay! Week is almost over…let’s see what’s buzzing online to take us through the home stretch.

Apparently Ed Sheeran has a new girlfriend and the pair have already been hangin’ with Taylor…

Joe Jonas And Gigi Hadid Show Major PDA On The Streets Of LA

Wednesday…already? Wow…this week is flying by! Let’s see what’s buzzing out in that vast Internet of ours. 

Another day, another celebrity break up…looks like Austin Mahone and Becky G have called it quits…bummer!

Artist Spotlight: Get To Know Our Newest Buzzmaker Jordan JAE!

Hey guys!

I am so excited to share this fun interview and artis spotlight with you all! Jordan JAE is our newest buzzmaker as well as one of the sweetest, talented 14 year old girls I…

PETITION: We Want Ed Sheeran In Assago

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

I seriously need your help!

At the beginning of April, British singer Ed Sheeran announced the European dates for his tour, including Italy. I was really really happy and…

A Reflection of 2013

Cheers to 2013, we’ve made it through another year! For me, 2013 has been a year of growth, beauty, learning, empowerment, and many other great abundances. There are of…

Keltie Knight’s Favorite Celebrity Interviews of 2013

This has been the most incredible year of my life. Being promoted to correspondent on Omg!Insider changed my life and allowed me to meet so many of the stars I love. Since my main focus is on music- it’s been incredible to meet so many of the artists that I am totally a fangirl for…. More »

Artist Spotlight: Exclusive Interview With Noah Hunt

As you know I LOVE sharing new music with you all. This talented artist who goes by the name Noah Hunt is definitely someone to check out! He not only has an incredible voice but…

BFFL: Harry Styles And Ed Sheeran

Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran are the cutest best buds in all the lands. These British blokes have known each other for years. Ed even wrote two One Direction hit songs, ‘Little Things’ and ‘Over…

Exclusive Interview With X Factor Contestant Jillian Jensen

Hey Music Loves, 

If you are a fan of The X Factor I am sure you recognize the name Jillian Jensen! If not, but you are a…

Playlist: All You Need is Love

Truly feeling the power of love in one’s life, to me, is the true definition of happiness. The law of love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe…

Buzznet Breakdown May 26, 2013

Another week of fun has gone by here at Buzznet and we are here to share with you some of our favorite posts from the week! From music, fashion, celeb gossip and more we love…

10 Reasons To Dig Ed Sheeran

I spent my morning watching last night’s Billboard Music Awards highlights. What an evening of craziness… from the often bizarre red carpet fashion choices, to the overzealous speeches by…

Playlist: Relaxation for Bedtime

When lying in your bed at night, after a long, busy, stressful, day going to bed can be hard with so many thoughts rambling through your head. When this happens to me, what tends to…

Ed Sheeran Releases Final Single Off of His Debut Album “+” (Music Video)

Ed Sheeran never seems to let his fans down when it comes to his music videos. Ed’s music videos are always very touching and heartfelt, and most importantly, they make you think. The…

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