10 Reasons We’re Stoked Ed Sheeran Is Back

Ed Sheeran is back, ya’ll! Exactly 59 weeks ago he literally SIGNED OFF from the universe. He wasn’t on social media, hitting red carpets, or doing much of anything besides whatever the F he wanted to do. Honestly, we respect him even more for it. He dropped an amazing record, did all the interviews, all the chat shows, and all the international touring. Our boy deserved a break. And now, he’s back with a brand new edition and so far, it’s dope. You know, with 2017 in such disarray, at least we have our bud Ed to look forward to and his new record, Divide, coming out on March 3rd. Here are 10 reasons we’re stoked Ed Sheeran is back:

We’ve been dying for new music. Obvi. I mean, Ed did break every Spotify record when he dropped “Shape of You” and “Castle on a Hill.”

The music videos! He’s already crushing them back to back. 

He’s showing off all his tattoos! And there are lots of them. 

He knows how to charm the hell out of everyone in interviews. 

We almost forgot how cute gingers are. Almost. 

His accent. As if his singing voice wasn’t enough. 

His live shows. They’re UNREAL and coming to a city near you. 

The duet opportunities. With Ed back on the horn you know he’s going to harmonize with somebody cool. 

Ed’s chill attitude. He’s about as rich and successful as they come, yet still manages to be a man of the people. 

He’s so great to his fans.